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Grand Baccarat and Mini Bac

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Hi guys,

At the casino in my town they have 2 games on the main floor:

Grand Baccarat, and Mini Baccarat

I think Mini Bac you just get dealt the cards and the rule is you only get half payout on a banker win of 6 or something?

I see the guys sitting down for Grand Bac and they are dealt cards face down and allowed to have a peek before turning them in

Not really sure of the significance of this on the game.

Can anyone elaborate on the above and whether these are different from the general term 'Baccarat'


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Hi Brad

First, welcome to the public forum - hope you become a private member soon.

OK, you have both "touch" and "no touch" mini bac.

Your no touch game is "No commission" bac. Your touch tables might also be no commission.

Both are fine for NOR but you will find the no touch tables much faster. Eventually you will settle in on the faster tables.

But when you first start out you might prefer the slower game.

"no commission" is really a misnomer. You are paying commission no matter what. They are just collecting it a faster way at "no commission tables".

But the odds are about the same and certainly close enough for NOR players.

I actually prefer no commission no touch tables because they are faster. For me, the faster the better.

But I've been playing since the inception of Bac into the US in the '80s.

But when you are first starting out.....

You might ask a pit boss which tables are regular cards and which are preshuffled - if any.

If we knew that, we could make further recommendations.


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