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Anyone from Missouri??

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Hello guys my name is Dino, I've been lurking this forum for about a week. I've decided to purchase NOR once I have the money saved up! I'm only a student so 600$ might take a month or so but in mean time I was wondering if anyone is from Missouri? That I could spectate and see all the magic unfold!

I'll even buy you a dinner if you allow me :)

If some of the members could ask in the private forum for me that would be great as well!

Thank you!

- dino

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dino by looking and seeing the magi will unfold before your eye everyone can do it the casino close down long ago i have play hundred of shoes testing countless of ways and methods i only then see a light and idea of what to do. buying is just a first step to success the more you climb the ladder the air get thin and more thin the body get tired and more tired the only thing you left is your desire in the heart and refuse to give up hope. then finally the wining method come.

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Can anyone at least share their stories of when they came across this forum before and after purchasing NOR?


One of the things that a lot of new users of the site have found out is that by reading everything available from older threads, that they can get a good idea of just what's going on here. Even long time users go back and look at "the old stuff" and learn (or re-learn) a thing or two.

I won't bore everyone with my annual update of how I got started, but if you wish to read the short thread, you can find it here.

My story is typical of many of the members. It was interesting looking back this morning while searching for the thread start and seeing a lot of "private" member's names when they were still in your position!

Anyway, take a look at this one for my humble story.



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