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A Public Service Announcement about BetPhoenix

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Screw me once shame on you. Screw me twice shame on me.

Believe me it wont get to twice.

So I did all my due diligence and alot of practicing with fun money to be sure that the live baccarat dealer site worked. I got input from a couple members also. This is in no way to disrespect those members (whose names will be left out), but I just caution them too. I also will leave out complete specifics because the bastards have some of my info. (which I am seriously thinking about notifying my connection in one of our international agencies.

Long story, short: I funded a real money account to start with a modest bankroll. I must admit that I lost that bankroll the first session by trying to test many different things. It seemed like I didnt have a clue as to what I was doing. But I wanted to be sure of everything.

Then I let the account go unused for close to 1 1/2 months. Let me tell you that they must have called me (usually from a number out of Miami, Fl.) almost every day. Telling about all the offers that were available to me. The rep was very polite with his messages. I didnt pick up the phone because I dont like solicitors. I did finally speak to the rep., who said he was the partner of the guy who helped sign me up. I had his direct extension, and anytime I called he or the other guy would pick up. I called a number of times before I made my initial deposit. There were various questions I had and needed help in setting everything up.

So, after I broke his balls back for calling me so much, I decided to fund the account with a larger deposit to play seriously with.

So the next two times I played sessions, I easily doubled the bankroll by just playing low stakes. Anywhere from 5 to a high of 25 dollar bets. The third time I logged on I decided that I was going to make a much larger amount of profit and the cash out for my initial deposit plus profit. Oh, did I mention that the guy told me they would waive all fees for Western Union any time I made a withdrawal? Well he told me that without me even asking. They must have thought I was a chump after my first deposit.

So, I started out with 10 dollar units and then got ahead flat betting eventually using a 1-2 progression (neg and pos) with 50-100 units. And ended up flat betting black chips to protect my profit. Well from the beginning of this third session I could sense something was wrong. First, the dealers began playing with their shirts around their chest. Then the dealer would sit and stand after EVERY hand. Stand, move the chair, play with her boobies,sit get up reposition the chair, etc. I thought it was ridiculous, but would not let it distract me. Then some Asian gangster looking guy with a long sleeve light pullover shirt comes and stands next to the dealer. He actually made like he was fixing the mouse or something. He eventually walked away. (I thought this casino was in Costa Rica?)

Well then the live screen kept getting interrupted with a "dealer Profile" screen. Then the dealers would change basically every hand. Then the dealer profile screen would come on every time I moved the mouse to make a bet or anything. If you are familiar with this you know that you have to click off of it to make it disappear. This screen would even come up as the cards were being dealt. It was impossible to see anything clearly. Constant bullshit!!

I actually logged onto a practice account simultaneously at one point. There was absolutely no computer problems for that screen.

Then finally, I had a hundred dollar bet up. The cards were dealt. Immediately after the sixth card was dealt (I won the hand), I got a "socket disconnected error". And the account was logged off. After about 15 mins. I was able to log back on. My last bet was taken and the win was credited as a loss. I immediately called the number.

Some douchebag answers pretending to not speak good ingleeshe. He was so nasty. He told me that my rep was not there today. Neither was his partner. He couldnt say when they would be back. They dont have a work schedule. I said I wanted to cash out. I said that they agreed to waive all fees. I told him about the last hand and had to remind him that he has a video feed he could review.He said he couldnt cash me out. He transfers me to someone else. I retell the story. This woman says that she cant do anything. She admits that she sees the video, but a hundred dollar bet requires a supervisor's override. Of course, there is none available. "He will call me back". She cant release my money.

I hesitate to say this but I was able to log back into my account much later while I was waiting. I split up my balance into a couple large bets. I lost all of them. Actually I was purposely dicking around to make my balance either huge or lose everything because I already wrote off the money.So my account was down to zero. I actually told myself that I wasnt going to get the money and I wasnt about to give them more

information for a withdrawal. Chump change spent to get an education.

No one ever called me back. I never got another solicitation again. My account is still open and I use it for practice. Their bullshit shoes are too easy anyway. They hold patterns too long compared to my regular casinos.

Im sure there are a few things I left out but you get the point.

Now whenever I play anywhere I count my winnings in terms of "bet phoenix deposits lost". LOL

Oh, and please excuse my French.

Mr. Davis, please email this post to all of our members. Public and private. Lets try to stop anyone else from giving them free money.

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