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New Members Old Members and Ellis Please Read

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I wanted to share a letter i wrote to Ellis and the New Members ...This was written to Ellis but i think it could prove inspiring to all new members and maybe some whom have been here a while...This was my very first trip to the casino after Ellis told me to QUIT cold turkey until i understood NOR i am no expert but through the help of the manuals the videos and Eliis Keith and 4-5 key members...SUCCESS So please read and new members Ellis loves the success stories hes genuinely here to help.......

Well Ellis i read every post on this site both public and private and most worship at the alter of Uncle Ellis well today i join the masses i had my first day of live play at Sugar House Casino. i decided to take 2000 with me to play knowing i'll never need anything near that much money because Sugar House has $40 and $60 tables on the floor and $100 tables in the High Limit Pit well i walked through the High Limit pit first and i spotted an obvious blatant S40 right off the bat ...could it be beginners luck ..i paper better 5 hands and it stayed S40 too easy right O/R count +8 i sat down cashed in $2000 at the $100 game (The cards dont know unit size right) and 16 plays later i was up +14....$1400 paid for NOR and it felt great to beat a casino ...i was confident i was focused ..i did have a coca cola i was nervous and parched until i was +3 then confidence grew it was amazing it was a rush ...my heart is still pounding i couldn't be happier... in the back of my mind the skeptical me says oh man please don't get ripped off again not only did i pay for NOR but i paid for the Frankenstein System as well!!! how funny is that..so please don't be depressed you just helped another student achieve success and give him a lifetime skill to really win consistently at the casino...Thank You Ellis from the bottom of my heart i cant express how happy and excited i am...Ive been practicing 4 hours a day everyday and still do atleast 2 shoes at DublinBet online a day to stay sharp...So i hope this gets you out of the depression you were in...and i think you should have 10 players try your million dollars in 10 days modified for today and give us that challenge i think we can do it Ellis

Thank you so much again

Mike Ficca NOR Player and Casino WINNER!!!!!

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I remember the first time I played black chips. Way before NOR. It was a huge rush. Walked into casino with $500, left with $1300. Be careful, a big win can give you too much confidence sometimes. I thought I was invincible after that and next trip didn't go so well. Then again, this is before I learned from the folks here and winning was a lot more rare back then.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.  Figure out a way to win at baccarat that fits your lifestyle, you don't have to eat fish anymore!

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Great News Mike!

Remember also to keep a log of your wins and losses, time, day, comments, emotions and etc... you'll discover the period when the play and avoid periods where you lose often... ;-)

It's kind of a feedback system so that way you can stay encouraged despite the losses that may occur... develop confidence on achieving results.


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I was going to buy that one but went with btc instead

That's a good thing! I haven't heard anything good about Frankenstein. Some of these guys are outright scammers. The rest are merely incompetent. But for the buyer it doesn't matter. You lose either way.

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