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New to the Forum. Please help me.

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. As well I have a casino near my house with no tables. They have baccarat machines. Is it still wise to play there. I really don't trust machines. Also if the principles still work when I start playing I wouldn't hold back the first bet since there is a record of previous bets, correct?



What type of baccarat machine are you working with? Strictly computer generated? Real cards? Stadium baccarat?


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Congratulations on making the plunge Gagliardi!

Let us all know if you are having challenges.

I don't trust the machines. It's too easy to cheat (and we know how Casinos deal with that constant temptation, don't we?).

There are other options, particularly at the early stages when you just need to practice, practice, practice to get the systems down.

All the best


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Hell, I don't trust people! And people designed the machines!

I don't even trust cards UNLESS I first see what kind of cards they were starting out - regular or factory preshuffled. Then I want to see the card prep and then the shuffle and then the deal - a card to Player, a card to Bank, a card to Player, a card to Bank. If the dealer deals all 4 cards to his right hand and then snatches 2 for Player - he's cheating. You don't know which two he snatched - but he does and you lose.

I stick with inexperienced dealers. They haven't learned to cheat yet. People are bad enough!

Machines? They were programmed. Do you trust computer programmers? Not me!

Random? Use your head. If all cards were random, whether BJ or Bac, casino profits would be limited to the mathematical odds of the game. They can't live on that.

If the cards were truly random, half of the players would be winning before commission. Yet you will NEVER see that - not in your entire life.

But don't get down. We win BECAUSE they cheat. We use their own strategies against them. Cheating is our friend. Hell, if they didn't cheat we couldn't win.

Cheating is good!

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