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Curious Baccarat Player at RWS Singapore

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Hello Baccarat Players,

I have started playing Baccarat a couple of months back at Singapore Casinos. I must say its an addictive game.

I was able to grasp the rules of the game with no issues and even saw couple of your youtube videos online for NOR strategy, excellent work.

I think I was able to understand the O/R, OTB4L, System40, F, Score Keeping from these videos but I am finding it hard to apply it while playing.

Is there anywhere these methods could be practised without actual money, to see the maximum output.

Also interesting to me was the 4D Approach with the O/R, O/T, OO/TT Counts. Just had a confusion, here at the Casinos I am seeing some charts on the Baccarat table labelled as Big Road, Small Road, Cockroach Road etc, are these similar to the 4D approach in anyway?

As much I would like to join the NOR forums, I am still building up my capital to arrange for the joining fees :). Please don't mind me putting this way.

You all are doing a great job, anyway I don't need to be telling you this, you already know :)


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Hello Casinofreak, I am a new member only joined 2 months but I spent 4 years deciding whether to join or not. In the end you have to trust the site and the people and spend the $$ to join. They cant give you a trial or otherwise nobody would pay to join and everyone would take the information and claim as their own. - A few years ago there was a free version of System 40 available - that alone could win you more than what you lose if you practised it.

It looks like you have done an excellent job of understanding a lot of the info that is available for free but you will never get a full understanding unless you join.

That Cockroach Rd etc is not related to this forum - it must be someone else's patterns or system I don't know but I doubt it has anything to do with 4D.

Because when I joined it was like the start of preshuffled cards and NOR doesn't perform so well against some of them but MDB+ does so I just made the decision to join up for full membership so I could take advantage of MDB+

I think MDB+ works well against Singapore from some of the players posted results

If you were serious about playing you could have a high win rate and build up your bankroll faster and pay the membership off rather than you keep playing and losing and in the end you may have lost your membership fees - I lost about half in the time I was thinking about joining and that was before MDB+ so I could have payed for a full membership with what I lost at that time.

I cant make any big claims yet but all I can say is the people and the forum is real and it does work but just takes a lot of practise and to find the right style of play for you.

Many people offered to help me but at this point I really don't need it as I am still reading through all the information and understanding everything because there is so much already there.

I will post my progress when I have more results but at this point I am not playing for real money just reading and learning at this point.

There is many players who are pro / semi pro in different parts of the world on this forum.

Maybe I will see you in Singapore one day - Once I play for real it will be my first stop - only a 5 hr flight from Perth and 2 casinos!

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I will echo the comments of Brad01. I was kicking around the idea of joining for some time and lost a lot of money in that time. I recently joined NOR & MDB and the info available is immense. I recently looked over all of my scorecards that I played over the several months prior to joining and I can tell you. If I knew then what I know now, I would have made a lot of money instead of losing.

I was in your shoes not too long ago and I can tell you, the knowledge you gain from the forum, the manuals and boot camps is unparalleled. If your serious don't waste your time and money playing without joining. I too watched the videos and thought I had a grasp on S40 and others by watching the videos and I can tell you that is nothing compared to what is available to you once you join. Good Luck and I hope to see you in the members forum.

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