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  1. William- What specific questions are you looking for? I'm not a big NOR player but I do play S40 (exploit for small wins). I have played NOR in the past but currently play MDB mostly. Do you have the NOR manual? ntrl9
  2. Guys- I play online almost every day for low stakes ($25 unit). I actually play at the casino in the screenshot (5dimes). They hand shuffle the cards and place them in the shuffle master shoe that reads the cards which is integrated with the tote board the same as the B&M casino. The green button is used to reset the shoe and clear the tote board. If you notice they do not place the plastic cover over the shoe so you can see the top of the cards as they sit inside the shoe. The rebate casino which is a different live feed uses a clear shoe but they have to scan each card into the system so that it shows up on the screen. I don't think that these casinos are using the trickery with auto shuffling shoes. That being said I do not trust them and will never play for high stakes. I play for low stakes in order to fly under the radar. My main play is at the casino I play online while I'm home to pass time (and make a little money). I agree with W2F and I would never exclusively play online. Good luck to all....
  3. Hey Trillion- You have been involved with this site a lot longer than I have but you can't say the site has lost steam since Ellis is gone. Yeah there may not be as much activity (by way of posts) but if you have someone (Ellis) talking in circle or continually saying the same stuff is that really helping anyone. I can tell you from the looks of it people on the other forum are not jumping for joy. I hear a lot of bitching about the "Manual" (that still doesn't exist). I would rather not have a new "system" every other month that is just a new spin on an old system to me that just muddies (not sure if that's a word) the waters . That does nothing for us, if anything it just confuses people even more then they were to begin with. I have been active on this site for only a year and I can tell you that I have been winning consistently for the last several months. Mind you I work at it almost all my free time. I analyze every aspect of my play to see what I am doing wrong and how I can improve. I don't want to sound rude and I certainly don't want to offend anyone but you get out what you put in. There is not a system out there that will make you a winner just by following a few triggers. Good luck all....
  4. Dazza- Typically you stay on the run to the end. I would look at the runs to see where they are breaking and use that as your indicator. Use the MC 2+ event to tell you where to jump off the run. I happen to love S40- what I don't love is guessing the modes. It's nice when the shoe has all 1's and 2's and you kill it with S40 mode 2 but that doesn't happen very often. If I see a show high in 1's and low in 2's I will play S40 mode 1 and look where most of the runs are breaking and jump off the run at that point and wait for it to break and resume betting S40 mode 1. Now just keep in mind TBL (time before last) and S40 mode 1 are one in the same. So call it S40M1 or TBL your betting the same thing. The problem with betting this way is if the shoe is high in 1's and 3's you will lose when it goes 2 then win when it goes 3 but then give it right back when it breaks after the 3. That's why you need to pay attention to the show and see where the runs are breaking and pause the betting at the most common event and wait for it to break before resuming. This is the way I would play it but I play conservatively. I hope this helps.
  5. So Kevin how would you NetBet normal frequency of occurrence events. It sounds interesting but I woildnt know where to begin. I would love a companion system to play with MDB. I've been averaging 2 units per shoe with my conservative play. The hardest part is staying focused on the shoe while waiting for triggers. I haven't had much time to allocate to playing live shoes at the casino lately. I have only been able to play 1 one shoe per visit. I I look forward to hearing more about your idea. ntrl9
  6. Hi Ntr..

    I am ready now to play "live online" and i am thinking that 5Dimes is a suitable choice.

    I read that in order to stay under the radar, you are "not betting too high a unit size".

    Would you mind "sharing" with me, what unit size do you consider as "not too high" please?

    I am thinking of depositing around_1000_u.s.d_&_playing_w2fast.MDB+_using_20.u.s.d as a base unit_&_use_the_1,2,4_progression. This would result in max. Bets of 80.u.s.d. at times.

    Do you consider that this is "too.high" to remain under the radar.?


    I like that 5Dimes offer a "Rebate" Baccarat game. BUT are there any "catches" or "peculiarities" with it.? Is it a "Super.Six" game, or is it a Regular 5% Commission game on Banker wins.?

    Which "Live game" do you prefer to play on 5Dimes, the "Vegas.Live", or the one they "stream live" from Costa.Rica.? The one they stream live from Costa Rica is a Regular 5% comm.game on Banker Wins rite.?

    So, which of the 2 Live Baccarat games that 5Dimes offers is the "Rebate" game.?

    Thanks very much...M.j..

    (also, please do not "Post" / "Publish" or "Quote" any "Private messages" that I send you out into the "Forum" thread domain) 


  7. No problems at all. I make withdrawals every other week. I stagger the withdrawals so one week I'm cashing out 5dimes and the next week its betonline. I do this so I never have that much money in my account just in case they shut down...
  8. Hey Junketman- I have accounts at both 5dimes and betonline. 5dimes pretty recently added a second live feed which is the same as betonline. Now I have accounts at both sites because I keep both feeds up simultaneously so I can keep an eye on the potential triggers without constantly switching tables. 5dimes has two different tables being dealt at the same time on their regular feed which they call Vegas Live Dealer (the other is rebate live dealer). I play online almost everyday seven days a week and I have been having success playing online MDB for over 6 months now. I don't play high stakes online due to the US gaming laws and I don't want to give the casino an excuse to not pay me. So basically I am trying to fly under the radar by not playing high stakes. I usually play to +2 per shoe for a daily win of +10. I hope this helps....
  9. Brad- You are exactly right. If I don't like the feeling of a trigger I don't take it PERIOD... The one advantage we have over the casino is that we don't have to bet if we don't want to. As I have said many times- I would rather miss a trigger by waiting than lose a progression. As your unit size increases this becomes more important... Ntrl9
  10. Least Common Net Betting is what it stands for. I know Ellis put it up on his site some time ago.
  11. MDB can and will lose a progression to a heavily biased shoe. There are ways to navigate around loses by delaying certain triggers. That being said a heavy bias can win a progression it all depends on how the cards fall.
  12. Apagonis- I think MDB+ would be the way to play this type of shoe. MDB+ does well with a short term bias. The short term bias is indicative of a shoe that is constantly changing. I am seeing these types of shoes as most all players are. These days it is rare to see a shoe that has a consistent bias from start to finish. Ntrl9
  13. Frank, Go to the private MDB forum and read. Keith posted a few videos recently with detailed explanation of each trigger. After reading and watching the screencast video if you still have questions ask them there. Ntrl9
  14. Brad- I have to disagree with you on this one. IMO learning MDB+ is essential to being a well rounded player. Depending on what type of shoes you see NOR may not be the best way to play in your casino. I may be a bit biased (pun intended) because I am playing MDB+ almost exclusively these days. In all the casinos that I've been in recently there is NO consistent bias. In fact I have been seeing shoes that may develop a bias in the short term but not last very long. I play short term S40 or Otbl for 2 or 3 units when I see the opportunity but never for longer than about 10 plays. If a player is new to baccarat it is hard to play NOR because they usually pick the wrong system or the get caught constantly changing systems and lose their shirt. Xdotnet if you are going to play NOR be aware of what is going on in the shoe. If you see the bias begin to change wait to see what is going on with the shoe. Good luck- NTRL9
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