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  1. If you are playing a particular way and LOSING. Change the way you are playing because the OPPOSITE MUST BE TRUE!
  2. Oz. Please allow me to lay down some "history" of my own study's and observations of "things" and the game of "Baccarat". Their is absolutely no doubt in my mind that "History Does Repeat"; and to expand on that a little more (and I respectfully say nothing "new" here - because it has already been "stated & quoted" again and again many, many times), is to say that: "Those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past, are destined to repeat them". As far as the game of Baccarat is concerned this applies "Oz.course" (sorry mate couldn't help the "pun") to the way that he (Oz.) approa
  3. Hello everyone. Great post Oz. Extremely well done and good on ya’ mate. On behalf of the entire B.T.C. membership, I think I can confidently pass on a BIG THANK-YOU to you for all your hard work and for all the contributions you have made in here over many years. As you say, I guess it helps to “look back” and reminisce at times, but I think that is an understatement in your “particularly unique” case.? Oz a "Madman".....na.! "Crazy Persistent" and "Slightly more than a Little Obsessed" would be more like it. Oz. you mentioned a great man in your opening post, so here is one of



  5. How the Casinos WILL Cheat us with their “Electronic Shufflers” Hello every one. Take a look at this YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APuWdib1hEU Here is a video YouTube video “Published” on March 25 2015. I think it is from a Casino employee / consultant that “warns” Casinos about how their own equipment “can be compromised”. The video shows how, “if” you can get this “Electronically Controlled” shoe into a Casino, a “Player” (and/or his team) can gain a HUGE advantage over the house by simply knowing (BEFORE IT IS DEALT) what the 1st Card drawn out of the sh
  6. Hi BacPlayer. Regarding playing MDB+ (using the w2fast rules) The best way to play it is to "Enhance the Probability" of a successful bet placement. Oz. (his "Mentor" and the great Norm.A) have ALL said and EMPHASIZED that you should NEVER FORGET to CONSIDER what the actual SS (Strong Side) IS as the shoe is played through. eg. P vs B is the easiest because it is shown on the tote board. Say you look at it and it shows P 10 and B 18. Banker clearly IS SS (Strong Side) here in this example...easy right! Now say that the very next hand happens to be a MDB+ bet that call
  7. Hi Pando. All of the above intended in good humor. Just joking of "Oz..course"....hahahaha! Yep, all that cold weather and rain that you endure makes it all the more important to pursue good productive "indoor" endevours...like Casino Baccarat ! Hey way', Golf in N.Z. can be very "Wet". Feb. is..ok, as far as not being too cold is concerned, but be sure not to forget to "Pack" good wet weather gear. Also be sure to bring good water proof "Golf Shoes", but if you happen to forget them, don't worry..the N,.Z. Golf Pro Shops always have a great and plentiful supply of "Wellies" (rain bo
  8. Oz...but..on the "flip side"...here you go ! Poor Kiwi's...always seem to getting "screwed" by the Aussies' !
  9. Hello Pando. N.Z. is a very beautiful country. You have great food, very good wines and top food. The beer is not too bad either. Allow me to support you "a wee bit" from the "cultural attacks" initiated from Oz. (might help dowse down that "fire" of his...ha ha!)
  10. Oz...."we cannot afford to be politically correct any more"...(recent..t.r.u.m.p..q.u.ote.!)..Good on ya Mate! One of the greatest things to achieve in Life is to become successful in what ever we do. That means it doesn't matter whether you "build the best sand castles", "paint better than da vinci", or can "fight better than Muhammad Ali ", some "Cunt" will unfortunately always try to "cut you down". The fortunate flip side to this, is that in the majority of times, it is the "f....ng..bastard" who is "having a go at you", that turns out to be the REAL "loser"! I am absol
  11. Hi Oz. Thank you for your wonderfully detailed explaination. There is "truck loads",..Ozzie slang to mean.."tons",..further broken down to mean.."a very lot" of information to study here. I am sure that I can say on behalf of everyone following this thread that we cannot thank you enough for this absolutely fantastic material. To help present the shoe result out comes in "one place", I am placing what I feel will help people do this below. Cheers!



    of...OZ.s.."PLAY by PLAY" EXPLANATION of the shoe that brad01 posted in the thread topic:

    "Are casinos really creating the biases..."

    Started by BacPlayer, Saturday at 4:26 AM




  13. Hello everyone and hey XDotNet, good post and absolute FANTASTIC infographic! I loved reading it. I think it should help anyone understand how and why "incorrect" decisions occur. The tricky and difficult part is to "apply it correctly"..AND all of the time...ha.ha..(as you pointed out) As "mere humans" we just naturally have a tendency to just fuck things up. Some "humans" have a tendency to fuck things up very successfully. At the baccarat tables, our job is NOT to "screw up" (enough of the f.... word). How do we do that. We LEARN. How do we learn correctly. We lear
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