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Galaxy Macau Trip Report

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For those of you who have not been to Macau, all of the new casinos are in the

Cotai Strip – an area not in the Macau city centre but still only a 20 minute bus ride from the city, the

ferry terminal and 5 minutes from the airport. Galaxy is the newest large casino in Macau.

The Galaxy is large but not as big as the Venetian, its nearest neighbour.

My first task was to check the baccarat tables and assess what kind of shoes were being dealt.

However this was not easy there were not too many tables with customers that time of the day.

I made the following notes about their baccarat games.

1) They use Angel pre-shuffled shoes from Japan

2) The shoes are Angel Eye MkII

3) There are no score cards provided by the casino on the main floor

4) The cut is made by the pit boss, usually in the middle of the decks

5) There are 3 hands dealt at the outset, after that NO free hands

6) Nobody keeps a scorecard at the tables

7) The tables are either so packed you cant get near them, or devoid of punters

So all of that made life a bit difficult, so we wandered further into the casino and found

the “Rapid†games section.

There is a large arrangement of more than 500 terminals all linked to the main dealers

area where they deal baccarat, sic bo, and roulette. You can play whatever game you want

on the same terminal, and the minimum bet is HK$50 (=US$6 approx). The screens are clear

with good graphics, and the screen also shows the game you are playing as it is dealt.

So I make a small deposit and select baccarat, and the first shoe I see is

P1131111 – so I am thinking this looks likely to be a NOR shoe

The full shoe is:


Hot digity dog, I play NOR with a 1,2 progression and make 25 x $50 units.

Then I go back to the main menu and see that there are 8 baccarat games being

played at the same time. Each dealer deals 2 games, 30 seconds apart. But what I

thought would be a blessing in disguise having so much choice actually turned out

to be difficult to manage. With no time to record any shoes whilst playing, I often

seemed to end up in the wrong shoe, not losing but missing out on a bet. So I end

up breaking even on the remainder of the shoes.

After I finish playing I record the following shoes from Rapid Baccarat;





B313111211 (10) 1171191243131611

P221 (10) 2111122213213213121343311232





P12135552114 (11) 11225161



B1131111152111112121111111332112131 (10)






Please note that Rapid Baccarat use the SAME pre-shuffled cards as do the tables

on the main casino floor. I saw them being delivered from the same cage (containing

hundreds of shoes) so I am sure these shoes types are what you will get on the main floor.

I have never seen so many shoes with 10's and 11's.

These shoes were not selected for any particular characteristic, they were the shoes dealt

after I finished playing.



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You should have done alright with MDB on these? Thanks for the practise shoes

Hi brad01,

I have tried to practise the shoes Pando posted with both MDB and NOR. MDB does not have many signals but can win just a few units in most of the shoes (I use three occurrence of events), while play NOR will win much more units in most of the shoes without big draw down.

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