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Newest Shuffle Machine Tecnology

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Once Pando started putting so much info on preshuffled cards and brands I started googling it and apparently the card manufacturers offered the preshuffled as an extra service to their customers (the casinos) as a way to eliminate shuffle down time.

So if they are completely confident that they get a random deck and they are able to survive off the profits from commission and people chasing their losses then fine I can understand that shuffle down time will be counter productive for them.

Whether there is more to it or not we don't know?

Do certain casinos order certain cards with certain characteristics?

Of course they say no they are just random meaning they don't know any more than the player what comes out.

Definitely there is the technology there nowadays for recognition of the cards and placement into a predetermined / computer programmed order.

Definitely this technology is not new and the price not beyond casinos purchasing this for their use.

At the end of the day yeah does it really matter because whatever happens once those cards go in the shoe the game is set.

Unless they use continuous shufflers where you don't know if they are blatantly cheating then the game probably isn't worth playing.

But if its set once its in the shoe then its a 50/50 game minus commission and the rest is up to you?

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Hi Brad, thanks for your reply. I am a little off in the head due to a busy day with my wonderful children. I meant to post a video link but now I am on my phone, but if you will go on YouTube and type in Safe-Bacc by Shuffle Master you will find it. Apparently this new shuffle machine was released this year. A Bally's product.

Peace and prosperity in all ways,


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Thanks I will look it up.

Does it have new features, what can it do that the old one cant?

There is a business in creating new models even if they cant do anything much more useful than the intial function?

How much money is put into cancer research or Aids and all we ever get is a 'better' drug which costs a heap more, never a cure or a drug that keep s the virus at bay to the point where people live long

More efficient cars, hybrids, but never any alternative to oil that ever hits it bigtime and you cant tell me there hasn't been someone who had something that worked?

It amazes me how toothpaste companies keep coming out with new lines, tartar control, built in whitening etc etc all of which is just a new line to sell toothpaste!

Sorry just my rant - worth a look though.

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The main thing it states on the video is no more pre-shuffled cards needed, and a big emphasis on a more secure game for the casino, less disputes from players, etc. This is an ad for casino owners/managers btw to gain interest in their product. Kind of wild seeing things from their perspective for a change.

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As the cops say at an accident, “nothing to see here, move along…†Shufflemaster simply is trying to generate more business – more purchases of their card shufflers and they have to see how they can continue to dominate the industry, and part of that is going against the 8-deck pre-shuffled card sales. There are no hidden secret functionality to the Shufflemaster units – they shuffle cards for a given amount of time that the casino management cannot alter – per a set random number generator (RNG) value. Their functionality is certified by multiple independent test labs. Some of their units have the ability to read cards and put a deck in order at the end of a shift or period and advise whether there are any cards missing, it cannot shuffle in any unique way or for different time frames. If someone is telling you differently, they are lying to you.

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