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MDB+ Performing in Macau - Confirmation

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Hi all,

Another MDB+ member PM'd me to confirm what I had posted about MDB+ working in Macau.

I though its easiest to repost the message rather than put it in my words.

The message is below.

Hi Paul,

Thanks to your previous report, I have made a trip to Macau to check out the MDB+ situation in the various casinos. Was there from 22 to 25 May.

Just want to add that Sands Macao, Venetian & Sands Cotai all has MDB+ friendly shoes.

Venetian has the greatest number of bac tables, 2-3X Sands Macao, Cotai the least.

Sands Macao & Venetian has the touch screen console computer fast baccarat game where there are 8 games running concurrently and one can bet by choosing the particular game on the console. These are MDB+ friendly as well.

MGM, Wynn, Starworld, the 2 Lisboa casinos does not have as clear signals as Sands.

Appreciate you sharing your information and hope to have contributed back to it.

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Pando, thanks for the update. I am not surprised -- I think almost every casino will be good for MDB+. If played conservatively, it takes such a strong bias to lose that no casino can afford the wins by all the bias players. There will always be individual shoes, and the occasional "day" which are not MDB friendly, but the major casinos who get big dollar Bac play have almost no choice but to deal a game where the smart conservative MDB+ player will win.

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