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( Bring Your Own Beatdown)

Hoping someone will call me and "walk me through" something.

850-687-3128 ( PST time zone)

I have something given to me by a fellow BTC member, and I want to share it with you.

Never could figure out how to post a " picture of something" here, but MOST DEFINITELY , am absolutely certain EVERYONE will benefit from it.

So I am determined to get this done.

It is really pretty amazing, but you have to " see it to believe it".

So simple, and yet so helpful.

A picture is worth a thousand words kind of thing...

No matter what system you use, this belongs in your Baccarat toolbox.

Sooner, not later.

Whether you live in Sydney or SanFrancisco, San Juan or Singapore, you'll benefit from this...

Thanks in advance...


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This has been uploaded per kachatz1 Request. He will comment on it. Also Thanks to Dennis for the information.


Well, I get by with a little help from my friends...

BTC member here in Vegas gave me this laminated card a few months back, and I came across it yesterday in one of my " banker's boxes" full of shoes I have played, BAC manuals, etc...

Called Dennis and asked his permission to give it to you....

And James uploaded it for me...

Whole thing is laminated card, approx. 3" by 7"...

We often " talk about" the math-of-the game (frequency of 1-IAR's, 2-IAR's, etc...)

Is the shoe biased ?( NOR)

Or random? ( MDB)

And over literally hundreds of posts, across a number of threads, we have come to learn HOW CRITICAL THIS INFORMATION can be to your Baccarat success.

Or failure.

You simply have to understand the math of the game, or you likely will never set foot in the Winner's Circle...

So thanks to Mr. DF, a member of this forum, here is your own personal " cheat sheet"

Across the top, the number of hands played in the shoe, so far...

Down the left hand margin, the " normal" frequency of events for 1-IAR, 2-IAR, etc which would

" in a perfect world" have taken place by that point in the shoe...( example, after 45 hands, 2.8 -3's IAR)

At the bottom, " how often" over a million++ shoes, the frequency of events will occur, whether by hands played in a " NORMAL" shoe, or over a greater number of shoes... ( remember, TIES don't count , so just round up or down to the nearest whole number...)


Your own personal, Baccarat " pocket protector".

No more SAP Counting.

Helpful for NOR players,

Or MDB disciples.

At-a-glance, you can compare your current shoe's " tendencies" with that which you might expect from a " perfect, normal shoe"

Oh, lest I forget,

there are no " perfect" shoes.

There are no " normal shoes"

But everything we have been taught , everything we have learned about pattern recognition, everything we know about NOR, SAP, MDB, etc is based on these concepts

Before, it might have been confusing.

Now, it's right here for you, plain and simple.


Bring Your Own Beatdown ( cheat sheet) to the casino.

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Thanks, DF ( and James)...

You have just contributed to the bankroll of a whole lot of people...

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The bottom part indicates that for every 4 hands there should be a 1 IAR, every 8 hands there should be a 2 IAR, every 16 hands there should be a 3 IAR all the way until you get to every 1024 shoes there should be a 15 IAR. This give you a approximate number as you play the game of baccarat.

A 6 IAR happens about every 1 out of 2 shoes, an 11 IAR happens about every 64 shoes.

I hope my explanation helps you understand the dynamics of baccarat. Nothing will happen exactly the way it is described on this card. Just general information to help you understand what should happen over an infinite number of baccarat shoes.


thank you for sharing. I dont understand very well the bottom part, could you explain this better? thanks

PS your method betting OTBL / OPT / RPT is still going on?

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Hey, Andrea

Sorry to learn of your loss...thinking you must have endured a lot.

As for the card explanation, thanks a million, Trillion for chiming in! You are spot on...

( hopefully, forum members who are not as experienced will benefit from it)

As for the OTBL/O/R thing, yes it is really just a simple, EZ to play method...been around a long, long time

I get a lot of questions about 4D, and many people I talk to ask me for a " simpler" way to play Baccarat, without " keeping track" of events, a scorecard, etc.

No system, really...just it's a bit more than simply staring at the tote board

It's particularly " effective" at a casino with a lot of tables, where you can move easily from table-to-table, spot " opportunistic plays", make a bet and move on....

Once you understand the simple " math of the game" ( which I know you do!), it's very EZ to look at the tote board and make a bet.

And since our forum is pretty much made up of NOR, SAP and MDB players, I think most everybody here understands what I mean...

Hope this answers your question?

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thank you Kevin.

I have a similar way to play, essentially with a simple trigger to bet hit and run. I was looking for something to stay at the table a bit more...

About your chart I think it could be very useful. Now I get the last part, maybe I was a bit tired when wrote the post.

PS thanks for your condoleances, it's so hard when you lose someone deeply loved like my wife Anna.


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