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I heard about this a while ago.

I believe its high side net betting

don't know what the LC stands for but the NB is net betting I believe.

well there is plenty of info on this forum on net betting.

There's plenty of ways you can do it.

Bet the count will stay around zero.

When one side becomes dominant drop the other and go with the strong side

At what point do you drop the weak side and go with the strong side?

1 loss?

2 loss?

3 loss?

4 loss?

Murphys law whatever you choose will be the point when the weak side recovers and the count goes back to zero

Adjust the number of losses and next time it may change.

Netbetting is a good concept but its relying on an assumption that a count is going to stay around zero or come back to zero

In reality you just don't know

Anything can happen

Last night I saw a shoe which was player dominant.

PB count was -12 in favour of banker.

I was looking for player to recover in last part of shoe but it didn't - banker stayed dominant the whole way through

Lucky through experience I never bet it would happen it was just a thought that it could.

Other shoes I've seen the count start at close to zero and then go banker dominant to about -14 and then player recover to within a count of 3.

Other shoes the count crosses zero several times and stays around zero

That can be said for all other types of netbetting too OR OT whatever

The answer it not one system to beat all.

The answer is being able to identify high % betting opportunities when they present themselves and having the discipline to only bet those bets

In that way you can hope to get your hit rate above 50% on average and if you can do that you can win by simply flat betting

Keeping a tight stop win and tight stop loss you can stay in front of the maths of the game.

Once you know your average is consistently above 50% and only then - you can use a negative or positive progression at the right times to take advantage of your wins and recover from a small losing cycle

There are many people on this forum that can do that

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