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Typically you stay on the run to the end. I would look at the runs to see where they are breaking and use that as your indicator. Use the MC 2+ event to tell you where to jump off the run. I happen to love S40- what I don't love is guessing the modes. It's nice when the shoe has all 1's and 2's and you kill it with S40 mode 2 but that doesn't happen very often. If I see a show high in 1's and low in 2's I will play S40 mode 1 and look where most of the runs are breaking and jump off the run at that point and wait for it to break and resume betting S40 mode 1. 

Now just keep in mind TBL (time before last) and S40 mode 1 are  one in the same. So call it S40M1 or TBL your betting the same thing. The problem with betting this way is if the shoe is high in 1's and 3's you will lose when it goes 2 then win when it goes 3 but then give it right back when it breaks after the 3. That's why you need to pay attention to the show and see where the runs are breaking and pause the betting at the most common event and wait for it to break before resuming. This is the way I would play it but I play conservatively. 

I hope this helps. 

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