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Introduction and question.

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Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself to the forums bin on here for a few days. My name is Vinny if you don't want to call me acefire, the name acefire comes from my screen name from the past. A little about myself is I have bin playing poker and blackjack for 10+ years mostly online casinos but some trips to AC but never bin to vagas so far. I stubbled up on baccarat this year when clearing a online 500% bonus on https://www.blackdiamondcasino.net/ starting with a 50 dollor deposit which gave me 350 to play with. Cleared the bonus within 3 days and have over 1800 in the account to withdraw. Never thought much of baccarat because I never thought it can be beatable but when messing around with the money and trying to clear the bonus I started playing baccarat and starting to see patterns that kept coming up. This lead me to search the internet and books and in the end after reading and seeing systems that never really showed a profit I stumbled on beatthecasino.com.

Enough about me, I have read the Nor manual and watch some videos to try and get the bigger picture. I have seen the first part of the vagas 4d video and was wondering why their is not manual for the 4d, I do see the manual for the 5d. From what I gather so far the 4d is a new way of reading the shoe and picking the right system but if someone can produce a manual on the details of what the 4d is about and breakdown of what system most people are using for each like would come in handy. The forums do explain more and do talk about the 4d more but was surprised their is not manual for it. Any advice and breakdown on this thread will be helpful. Ill check back during work Thanks in advance.


Vinny R.

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my suggestion is the more obvious one: read all recent threads in private forum and get a general idea, then decide what's your style of play and what's the best way to betting it...

ONE of the most interesting is: "Are casino creating biases..."


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Vinny, hope you will enjoy it here and a friendly welcome to you.  I had to take some time away, tooth problem, then car needed some work on it.  Then the storm came through and I got some water damage in my bedroom, so I am going to have to rebuild it entirely.  A tree decided it wanted to take a rest in my bedroom and didn't even use the door to come in.  At least it "knocked" loudly while entering.  I was relieved it didn't decide to lay down on top of me.  

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