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How the Casinos WILL Cheat us with their “Electronic Shufflers”

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How the Casinos WILL Cheat us with their “Electronic Shufflers” 

Hello every one. 
Take a look at this YouTube link: 
Here is a video YouTube video “Published” on March 25 2015. 
I think it is from a Casino employee / consultant that “warns” Casinos about how their own equipment “can be compromised”. 

The video shows how, “if” you can get this “Electronically Controlled” shoe into a Casino, a “Player” (and/or his team) can gain a HUGE advantage over the house by simply knowing (BEFORE IT IS DEALT) what the 1st Card drawn out of the shoe (to the “Baccarat Player Side”) would be. (see table below)


Now consider this. 

What if us “Honest Players” turn up to a Casino to play Baccarat and they decide to use this “Technology” against us. 
Using this type of “Roller” technology, all a Casino has to do is look (via their OWN legally employed “Surveillance Room” personnel) at how many “DOLLARS” are ACTUALLY being bet on Player vs. Banker and “CONTROL” what card comes out 1st to the PLAYER side or the BANKER side. (as the case may be) 
All they have to do IS “Roll UP” and Hold the 1st Card or the 2nd or the 3rd or HOWEVER MANY cards it takes…AND then “Release” an “appropriate” 1st card out of the shoe to the Player Side (or the Banker side) – WHICHEVER side would favor a “House” win based on the % table shown above.   
How many shoes do we see these days that DO NOT come out of “some kind” of “Electronic” shoe. Gone are the days where (in the majority of cases these days) 8 or 6 “individual Decks of 52 Cards” are brought to the table and “shuffled” in front of us, then put into a “SIMPLE TRANSPARENT PLASTIC SHOE” and then dealt to us. IT just don`t happen anymore (i.e. in the “majority” of Baccarat games dealt these days) right? 
“Pre-Shuffled” cards are delivered in “sealed” plastic containers and/or Cards are “Reshuffled” by “MACHINES” that we have NO IDEA about how or who “programs” them or not?  
Well “why” might this be so? 
The Casinos WILL do everything in their power to make sure that PROFITS are maintained and or “ENHANCED” via any means necessary. 
Think about his for a moment. CASINO PROFITS. 
Are the Casinos a Business? Yes. What is the “PRIMARY purpose” of a business? It is to make a PROFIT. Large Casinos these days are mostly “publicly listed” on Stock Exchanges worldwide. What do “Stock Holders” want – a “Return” on their investments. What is the PRIMARY responsibility (I hope) of these listed “Casino Company`s”, it is to provide an “investment return” to their shareholders. 
What is the “fix” for us who seek an “Honest Game” against the “House”. Well that would be to tell the “World” about this and “hope” that they would listen. 
What are the “chances” of successful “Boycott” against ALL “Casinos Games” that come “out of some electronically controlled device”? Well that would be the “ideal” – but as all of know (or should) “ideals” and “real life” are two very different things. 
What the Casinos ALREADY know is that a “Boycott” answer to “their cheating” will never happen (or don`t they..haha!) because no matter what, how, where or how hard anyone tries to “convince” or “persuade” anyone otherwise, members of the “General Public” will ALWAYS look for places to “Gamble” and the Casinos KNOW THIS. 
I would say to those perhaps more “educated”, that anywhere you see “Electronically Controlled” dealing devices, STOP GAMBLING – DON’T PLAY.. & INVEST your hard earned money instead in the “Stock” of the Casinos offering such games instead. 

Good “luck” everyone.

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This is great information thank you! With the chart you provided, I think it would be possible to track this.

For example, if you bet banker 25 times and card numbers 6-9 are pulled first 20 times, we may be able to determine that this is occurring.

It would be easier to track this at a physical casino as you can see the table bets and get a rough estimate. Online casinos, you don't really know how the table is betting, however i've had my suspicions at 5dimes las vegas casino. The rebate casino is a clear shoe.

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I think these are excellent observations. It seems that in the process of eliminating cheating from a player, which is perfectly understandable, concurrently they have given themselves easier opportunities to cheat the patron. If you look at the Nevada Gaming Control Board rules you'll find something odd there. There are no statutes or regulations on how a specific game is to be administered. So essentially you have a governing body that hasn't outlined any specific guidelines or rules the casino needs to follow when dealing a game. If you look at the frequency that a casino in Vegas gets audited it's one once every 2.7 years. And most of that is the state making sure they are getting their piece of the pie. As far as specific regulatory mandates, they simply don't exist. The Nevada gaming commission themselves are group of five part-time employees. This is absolutely frightening . We are in a strange, new age. The only way to stop it is to voice our dissent and enough people speak up and stop going. Does anyone else think that it's ironic that the number one money maker in Las Vegas the past 5 years is baccarat? It's not slots, it's Baccarat. Which ironically is supposed to have the lowest house advantage. Financial audits show that the casino is winning at this game 13% of the time when true odds house edge on betting the banker are barely over 1%. There is something very wrong with this picture.

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