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Bad or unlucky day

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Do you believe in having a bad or unlucky day?

I had a good winning streak of 6 days but lost quite a bit on the seventh day. 

Nothing started well. I lost 3 units in my first shoe and was never up after that. Most good bets I thought either went half payment or Tie. 

The best I went was a two unit win in the whole session. I push on and try to win my target of 5 units But end up losing 8 units. I regretted not taking the two unit win. 

Do u believe in bad or unlucky win? What will u do under such circumstances.

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Play paper bets and see what is your hit rate.

Don't play real until your hit rate is above 50%

You need to play paper bets as though you would play real money bets

To do that you need to know your playing strategy backwards and second nature.

Record the shoes you lose and take it home.

Replay them and work out what is the weakness in your playing strategy as to why you lost and work out how you could have done better so the same shoe patterns don't hurt you again.

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IMO, this is due. to Variance start working. You cannot win long term more than 60-65% of your bets. When your time arrive, you will lose to put things under the right average. If you will be able to ride these waves, you can get some additional profits at your game.



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