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Hi everyone

I have a question for the accomplished MDB+ players amongst us (there are many, to be sure)

If we see a suitable MDB+ (ie; reasonably balanced) shoe and we treat both Player and Banker sides as separate shoes, can we assume that the triggers we use for the whole shoe can be halved and used in one side of the shoe?

In other words if we are looking for say 3 or 4 x 2's IAR without a 1 (in the whole shoe), and betting the next 1 stays one, could we use a trigger of 2 x 2's in one side of the shoe and bet the next 1 stays 1 in the same side of the shoe.

That would also possibly reduce our betting progression to 2 steps, and my favourite 1,2 loop could apply.

Just thinking out loud here

Any feedback welcomed

regards Pando


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1 hour ago, McVince said:

This was something that I suggested a little over a year ago.  I suggested keeping the same triggers as the W2F triggers.  I have lost on six 2B's without a 3B.  Although unusual it will happen. 

Oh really, maybe I saw that at the time and forgot about it

Thanks for the feedback


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