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Iam thinking about posting NSHG manual here as many ppl inbox me but i notice everytime there is a person who posts a new system, there are always other members who insult, critize negatively, etc

if i post to just for receiving insultment, hatred, i prefer not to do it.

i had given the manual to one of the seniors here. He also surprisingly reworded my words & made me the pdf file.

now he is in practice mode.



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NSHG (Not So Holy Grail) By Baccon

1) NSHG bets on SMALL EYES board, if you are not familiar with it, download this app “baccarat scoreboard” by Gamespring.

Betting Placement:

2) Wait for the SE (small EYES) to show a repeater, then, when it shows a new color dot, you must bet to get another dot of the same color.

3) When the 1st bet is won, you must check the winning dot color:
- if it’s a BLUE dot bet Player
- if it's a RED dot bet Banker
Remember to double your previous (winning) bet.
When you win your 2nd bet you're still in profit, the cycle is won and must exit the shoe.

4) When the 1st bet is lost, bet directly to get a dot under the new color.
If you win this bet, play accordingly to rule #3.

5) When you lose 2 attacks in a row, you must to switch to “Pause Mode”. It needs to wait for 2 winnings iar (in a row) to resume real play.

6) After you resume real play, if you lose again 2 attacks iar, you must enter “Reversed Mode”.
You just continue betting (no pause mode), your 1st bet stays the same
but your 2nd bet is
“reversed”. Again, checking the winning dot color:
- if it’s a BLUE dot bet Banker (instead of P)
- if it's a RED dot bet Player (instead of B )

7) Continue betting this way till you get a double win iar or lost your stated bankroll.

Money Management:
8) You can go through different setups, as shown below. Choose what fits better your style.
Remember that when the 1st bet is won, the 2nd bet is ALWAYS the double of your previous bet; if the 1st bet is lost, go to the next level.
Prog. a) 6 levels, 10 units, 1-1-1-2-2-3
Prog. B) 4 levels, 5 units, 1-1-1-2
Prog. c) 2 levels, 5 units, 2-3 (deploying this prog you must lose the previous levels on paper before starting real play).

* You may use whatever progressions you want. Maybe you like to use it with 221 no problem at all.

Samples covering all rules:
Game a)
10.p - bet b lose
11.b - bet p lose
- pause
15.p virtual win
16.p virtual win
18.b bet p lose
19.b bet p lose
-reversed mode
20.p bet p win
21.p bet p ( reversed ) win

Game b
10.b. bet P lose -1
11.b. bet B win
12.b. bet P lose -2
pause mode
13.b. bet B virtual win
14.b. bet B virt. win
restart standard play
17.p. bet P win
18.b. bet P lose. -3
20.b. bet B win
21.p. bet B lose. -5
reversal mode
22.b. bet B win
23.b. bet B win (+1) blue dot win but in rev.mode bet B


Ok. That's it. If you have questions, comment. If i have time, i will help or maybe the senior will help ( iam not sure if iam allowed to mention his name. He is the one who created the PDF ). He will kill me perhaps lol.

As i know, he has done practicing 20 shoes. 15W / 5L. 75%. Not bad for newbie.

If you want me to play your shoe, just write it.

NSHG may not suit to everyone. But if it suits you, feel free to deploy. It is free of charge guys. iam not a crook lol.

If you can tweak, modify better than what i play, let me know. We all have the same enemy lol. I hate casino.


FYI, i never publish this anywhere. So if you appreciate this, don't spread it. Just read & learn. You spread, karma comes lol. Bad luck will haunt you forever!



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You keep posting the good results of whoever your alleged tester is and there are no replies.  Do you know why?  Because no one (Including me) understands what the hell you are trying to explain.  You need to spoon feed it to everyone.  This is not to insult anyone.  But no one sees what you see.  You give a summarized explanation, you put up a list of bets and then after that you say "That's it" and expect everyone to grovel at your feet calling you the messiah.  Upload a shoe, explain why you made each bet on how/why it won or lost. 

I also don't understand why your tester needs to be anonymous.  You put this on the public forum and you are not charging anyone for it.  What is the big deal of revealing who the tester is?   I put something on the private forum.  I revealed who I gave it to before I posted it.  It didn't change anything.  

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lol why you blame me?

i have given the manual as ppl want to see. now it is on viewers side. if dont understand then ask!

About revealing...

there are 2 persons who asked me how to play. Mr.x and Mr.y. Look at Mr.y, he chose to contact me via pm. does it make me looks like messiah as you wrote above??? if mr x n y choose not to reveal themselves, then it is their rights. Am i suppose to disrespect them by mentioning their name? sorry, that is not my style Vince. if they want, they can post here. it has nothing to do with me or messiah or bla bla bla.

let's say you want to know deeper. then ask. you have mouth. how am i suppose to know everyone's capability to understand my manual?

i understand your points. but they way you talk to me, sounds like hatred, looks like i do something not right.

based on what? i have given the manual as ppl want to and now you wrote something unpleasant to me. if ppl dont want to ask, is it my mistake? very funny

very rude Vince. very very very rude

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57 minutes ago, baccon said:

i understand your points. but they way you talk to me, sounds like hatred, looks like i do something not right.

Be careful not to misinterpret McVince's New Jersey "direct" style.   There was actually some good advice in what you have taken as "hatred." 

There is a long history of flakes and scams showing up out of the blue on the public forum with their greatest way to play ever.  Not saying that's you -- I honestly have given your approach as much time (none) as I do for everything else posted by an unknown on the public forum.  If you are really interested in sharing your approach with others who play professionally or at least all the time, consider posting in the private forum where they will actually read, study and provide useful feedback.

58 minutes ago, baccon said:

if they want, they can post here. it has nothing to do with me or messiah or bla bla bla

But you haven't let the tester post on his own -- you have gone ahead and posted their private messages to you.  You have to admit its suspicious. 

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Please don't take my candor as rude.  Trust me, the last thing I am is rude (Well, maybe a little rude).  People on this forum have said things against how I play and that is their prerogative.  What I was TRYING to explain to you is something Kevin said to me the last time I saw him in Vegas.  What we all see in a shoe is different and subject to our own individual interpretation.  You can't just give a generic explanation, list a set of bets and then say "That's it" and let people go on their merry way.  Do you really think that people are going to comprehend what you explained?  Cmon........  Listen, if it works for you and your "tester" then great, but if you are going to share something where people are going to invest their time and possibly their money on your advice then you need to go into more detail.   I will leave this section alone and concentrate on the private forum. 

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51 minutes ago, baccon said:

here we go again....

No, you are not correct.  No one is insulting or critizing you.  McVince offered suggestions on how you could present your approach so more people could relate to what you are offering and get something of value from your effort to present it.  I suggested how you could reach more people who tend to be more collaborative that what you will get here from literally anyone who happens upon this site.  You can take advice or not, entirely up to you.  But if you really want to be posting on the internet you probably should learn to be a little less sensitive. 

All the best to you.  I'm sure there is merit in playing patterns in one or more of the roads, and there are many successful players doing just that.

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