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Palms Play Session Video

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And by the way, Kevin ( Katchaz1) pulled out all the stops for the afterparty with his bacon wrapped Omaha steaks tenderloin fillets, appetizers, and everything.  

Kevin thank you again for all your hospitality participation and friendship.  





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Join us in Vegas for the Back to Vegas Seminar

at the Crescent Dealer's School

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a great Play Group Session, indeed...likely the best since I was 5 years old ...(to the best of my knowledge , nobody soiled their pants, this time...)

Thinking we all had a tremendous interchange of ideas/ concepts, and most definitely worth the time spent with other BTC members...just like Keith's play-by-play videos, one can learn some good stuff just by observing/interfacing with other members of the forum

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, California, Nevada...we all face similar baccarat game " rules" , but vastly different play options/ casino environments...met 3 Las Vegas players I had never met before, and invited several regular Baccarat players I know from here in Las Vegas who are not members of the forum...

Thanks to all who came...even Omaha Beef and Hawaiin Huli Chicken were thrown into the mix, thanks to Kayla

All of this for less $50/month...a single minimum wager @ many casinos!!

Anyone reading this, it is a great forum for exchanging winning methods and approaches...far, far greater ROI than virtually anything else you could " invest" in !!

Anyone wants to discuss just how valuable, call me 850-687-3128.




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No doubt it was a worthwhile trip for everyone.  Good to be back in Florida, with my sweetheart who moved to Florida with me.  Moving her was a lot of work and stress, but she is worth it.  

While in Waukesha Wisconsin, I played twice a week at the Potawatomi casino in Milwaukee.  Had good success, with consistent winning shoes.  Each shoe took at least 2 hours, so I played 2 shoes for each time I went.  

I hated to miss the Vegas trip, but we all do what we think we should.  Gotta say, the hospitality and generosity of Kevin was an awesome thing to do, and I am sure everyone enjoyed it.  

So I am back, and ready to dig in again with the best of the best here at BTC.


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