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Betonline caught cheating on video at Blackjack

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Published on Feb 18, 2017 - Little public service here, watch the dealers fingers/hands VERY closely at the 20 second mark...make up your own mind. I watched the guy on the lefts full video (warning NSFW language). He has some interesting ideas that maybe the first finger flicks are a signal to someone running the cameras to alter/mask the video. He doesn't go into how they could know the cards but, since this is a clear shoe, maybe they mark the cards with invisible ink or a pattern that can be read by an overhead camera but not our eyes via video.

It could have been a mistake, but it seems like a super specific mistake...but..have a look, make up your own mind.



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10 hours ago, avion said:

That was no mistake, and even if it was a "mistake" it is cheating.  Remember.....online casinos only "REGULATE" themselves.

This is why I will not play or bet on any online casinos, I just do not trust them with my money.

I will only play baccarat in brick and mortar casinos where I am sitting at the table.

Perhaps I am just closed minded and not open to new ways to play.

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