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Singapore Trip Part 3

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Day 6:

Have played well apart from the last shoe yesterday, disappointed with that

B411311131111313122742342113121112 (Nice clump of multiples mid shoe) Came in late -1u

P111125711(10)12511131631121 (Loved this shoe, many streaks, triple tie in the first 5IAR) +9u

P131311121243331141125133322211115 (Nice block of multiples with few 1's) +6u

P212121811321233122211322131211212114 (Only one decent IAR event until the 4IAR at then end) Even

B11113322111191231212211222144311 (I will expand this shoe) +4u

Here is the shoe including the TIES and BANKER 6's


Note the ties and banker 6 (Super 6 opportunities) within the banker run.


Day 7 and 8:

This was the weekend before and left and I decided to take a little time out for socialising and enjoying Singapore with my girlfriend

But we also went to Marina Bay Sands, the bigger of the two Singapore Casinos

Just for comparison, here are some Rapid Baccarat shoes from Marina Bay, again these are constantly shuffled in an automatic shuffler - they SHOULD be similar to RWS






P7111313211112111123121222111431161 (14 ties in this shoe)









That's it folks, lets know if you have any questions

regards Pando






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Thanks for the report Pando...


This could come in real handy..."She who must be obeyed" has been putting the screws on me for a shopping trip to Singapore for a while now. I just became a whole lot more interested...LOL

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Great job, my friend!

I have in mind to plan a trip to Singapore this autumn, I will take care of your valuable infos.

Thank you.


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