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Bankroll Level Up Chart

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I'm interested in what others use for a Bankroll chart as far as increasing bet size. I've read that 100 units is a good starting point and then increase up a level once 100 units of that next level have been won.

Would appreciate the elite players thoughts on this.


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Norm used to recommend keeping your STOP LOSS at 10% of your Bankroll and raise your unit size accordingly.

I prefer a more safety orientated version of 5%.

That means if my S/L is -4 units, that my BR needs to be 4 x 20 = 80 units  ($100 units requires BR of $8000) At $10K...you can then move up to $125 units... $12K = $150 units etc

The two main advantages of this system are that you can decrease your unit size if you hit a bad run (never risking more than 5% of your total BR) and it is a huge psychological advantage to be raising your unit size in small increments. Trust me on this...once you hit $1K units, you are gonna be a hell of a lot more comfortable raising your unit size to $1100 and then $1200 etc than you will be moving straight to $1500 or even $2K. The added benefit is twofold...you get to $2K units more quickly and in utilising smaller unit increases, it gives you something to aim for. ie: at $8K and $100 units you only require a win of 20 units to move up to the next level and 16 more units has you at a BR of $12K and $150 units...etc

You will be astounded at how quickly your BR increases if you stick to the formulae with the added benefit of not shitting your pants with each unit increase. 

You can adjust this Formulae to adapt to whatever SL you use, remembering that the lower your SL... the better (within reason)

An example of a shitty SL is ANB on the Forum of "He who must be adored" ...at -15 units...you would need a BR of $30K to play $100 units which helps explain why Ellis is still playing Reds and Greens and lives in a glorified dog kennel out in the boondocks while my compatriots and I...Never mind...I better not get started...You join the dots.

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