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Beat The Casino Takedown Sale...

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Don't mind me...I'm on a high because a very close friend just took the Casino for 51 units in one shoe and he can't stop smiling.

I figure if that if they can break out into spasms of "Orgasmic Delight" on the "site that cannot be named" after winning 30 units in a shoe...what does that say about my buddy?...LOL

YEP...If they can have a "Take Down" sale after hitting +30 units playing a dangerous Negative Progression...the achievement of hitting 51 units WITH NO NEGATIVE PROGRESSION makes it pale into insignificance.

How did he do it?...Pretty much plays his own version of Norm's "Follow The Shoe"...Flat bet to +3 then moved to the 1 2 Safety Loop ((must win 1 bet before making 2 bet) and at +8 switched to the even safer 2 3 Safety Loop and even reverted back to the 1 2 loop later in the shoe when he became uneasy about the direction the shoe was taking.

His Hit rate was 74% and his PA was 49% which kinda shits blue turds over the claims made on the other site.LMFAO

All this with a maximum risk of 1 unit until he hit his safety net of +8 before he moved his risk factor to a maximum of 2 units.

Sorry though to be the bearer of "bad tidings" though...There is no "Take Down" sale...just Oz taking the Piss out of the "Snake Oil" brigade...but the good news is that my friend was still struggling with Baccarat 12 months ago... but in that time has taken his game to the point that I can't remember his last losing session. And he did it through HARD WORK and using the information available on this site. NO outrageous prices...NO outrageous claims...NO guarantees...just telling it like it is. Baccarat can be beaten if you put in the effort and the info on BTC is the best available...


Gotta run...someone is bashing on my door...must be important..."WTF!...Carlos!...Bloody hell...that was quick"...What are you doing here?...as if I didn't know...LOL:lol:

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