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OH SH*T Moments...LOL

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I know this is nothing to do with Baccarat, but it won't hurt to lighten things up a little.

I'm in the poo with "She who must be obeyed", because of an innocuous little statement this morning.

Saturday morning loading up the washing mashine  (YEAH...even Baccarat Gurus:lol:  have to do that shit)

The missus had decided that there was way too much for one load and it would have to be done in two loads.

Stupid Oz says "How about we throw your bras in with the first load...they won't take up much room".:o

As soon as the words came out of my mouth...I realised how she was going to take it...Stupid Oz :huh:

I just know that I'll be paying for that comment for the whole weekend.


On the upside...I'll now be able to empathise with Carlos...He lives his whole life doing stupid shit.

OK...since this is after all a Baccarat Forum...

I picked up 102 Units in 6 shoes yesterday playing 2H Safety Loop (and they weren't reds and greens...LOL) playing very similar to Norm's FTS. (I didn't switch to the 2 3 Loop at +10 which meant I left 23 units on the table...Stupid Oz) because I just wasn't in the mood.

The first shoe was a struggle (I hate starting my day like that)...My first 3 bets were losers and after hitting -3...it took me half a shoe to get back to zero where I opted out.

The next 5 shoes weren't exactly "gimmee" shoes but none went negative...so all in all...not a bad day at the office.

BTW: I picked up more than the infamous CFC Takedown all by myself and nobody even blinked...nobody from the casino went into panic mode...funny that...LOL

But, I digress...this was meant to be a light hearted post...No more Baccarat Stuff on this thread...Just more "Oh Sh*t" moments


Go for it...

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46 minutes ago, Stridergohan said:

Not exactly on topic, but I have a question. While playing, how do you maintain your patience?  I believe I'm at the point of play that usually wins, but it's literally like watching paint dry. Do give me some sort of real advice.

It's not easy, but there are a lot of things in life that aren't easy. Norm used to say that he would rather miss out on ten winning bets than make a losing bet that he shouldn't have made. That's what you need to keep in your head...one screw up through impatience is another unit that you have to recover. 

At one point in my play, my Triggers were so restrictive that I might watch the tables for hours before I'd see an ideal bet that I knew had a really high hit rate. Now... that took patience and was just another of many steps in my growth. There were even days when I'd travel the one and a half hours to the Casino and every shoe was crap and rather than risk my bankroll on a so-so bet...I would return home without even making a bet. That's the mindset you need to develop. You need to feel the same as Norm...learn to hate that losing bet you know damn well you shouldn't have made. I'm not immune to impatience either. I stuffed up in my first shoe yesterday partly through the rub of the green and partly through impatience. That was a reminder to me to get my head right or get the hell out of Dodge for the day.

Set yourself an absolute limit that you are prepared to lose in a day and stick to it. For me, it varies between 6 to 8 units and if I lose those 6 or 8 units...I'm outta there. If every player did that...there would be no casinos...but very few can develop the discipline and very few can develop the patience. It all comes down to how bad you want it.


I wish you all the best.

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I concur with the above statement about patience. I am still playing 221 successfully and I know what it's like to play for 4 hours straight just to get your 5 units. I have done that more than once and it will happen many more times, it's just part of the trade-off of having a winning style of play. The game will make you pay for all of your "easy money" days. It does this by testing your patience and your composure. 

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