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Online players in australia

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hi guys...

just wondering if there is any interest from guys in the southern hemisphere in creating a group chat on whatsapp/line/facebook for online baccarat

guess it would be good to share ideas whilst playing..

i play 4 times a day on average  (coincides with my baby's sleeping pattern :) )  probably 2-3 shoes each time    i dont bet everyhand   aim 5 units

my online casino uses Evolution Gaming software for live dealer baccarat....  

PM me if interested

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21 minutes ago, way2fast said:

You may have to personally go visit Oz and load WhatsApp on his phone.



I can't understand why you don't have any friends...LOL


The good news is that my daughter is gonna come up and do that shit before "She who must be obeyed" heads off to China on Holiday.:)

Give me a break...I only just discovered that when I googled "Wonderwoman" so I could watch the movie online, I got smashed by Porn sites.:confused: My daughter said to me..."Dad...think about it...How was that not going to happen?"

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I wouldn't be so sure !

Yes given he can play baccarat but: 

Oz reminds me of my dad - still thinks you withdraw cash from a bank by going into the counter, you still get your paycheck in a brown envelope at the end of the week, and the Internet is evil and full of weirdo's

crack up!

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