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The only Roads that are worth bothering with are The Bead Road and the BIG Road (which are different ways of recording the same event)...

As for the ones you mentioned...Forget them...they are about as useful as a penis is on Carlos. 

YEAH...I know Keith...I know...Bad Oz  :huh:

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You can find the same betable patterns in the Macau Charts that you find in the main chart. Sometimes you can find better patterns and this is what makes using the Macau charts valuable. I've made good money playing the Macau charts and I've used it to justify big bets. 

From what I've seen most of the dealers and players do not know or use the Macau charts.

The Macau charts are about patterns not Player or Banker. This is due to the red or blue having the capacity of being either P or B on any given hand.

I've seen various names like Big Road, Little Cochroach for the hollow circle, filled circle and dash or triangle. I call them doughnuts, hamburgers and French fry or pizza. These three charts are not affected by ties.

The Macau legend has a static player and banker at the top. As the second, third and fourth column is filled in on a the main chart you will see this legend fill in with the doughnut, hamburger and French fry symbols. These symbols will usually change with each hand. There will always be three red and three blue symbols in the legend after the fourth column, never something like 4 and 2 or 5 and 1.

Playing the Macau is simple. If you see three blue hollow circles and you feel there will be a fourth blue hollow circle. You simply find the blue hollow circle in the legend and see whether it's under the P or B and bet accordingly. If you think the fourth outcome will be a red hollow circle you find the red hollow circle in the legend, see whether it's under P or B and bet accordingly.

That is really all you need to use Macau. To me it gives additional options when playing. There are some excellent Android and Apple apps which specifically display the Macau charts. Once you get the hang of it you will find it simple. I did not talk about the Macau tiles (bead road) which is six rows of display and does show ties.


For the technically orienated that wishes to know how the watch works not just the time. The Macau is looking at two positions on the main chart and comparing them.  If they are the same it makes the color red, if they are different it makes the color blue. Same is two players, two bankers or two blanks.

In cases where the P or B is a 2+.
The first Macau looks at one space to the left of the main board outcome and then looks one space up. It compares these two spaces if they are the same it makes it red if they are different it makes them blue. The second Macau looks two spaces to the left and one up. The third Macau looks at three spaces to the left and one up.

In cases where a P or B starts a new column. 
Macau looks at the length of the existing column to the left and uses that length as a basis. It then then compares this basis to the first, second and third column to the left of that basis. These correspond accordingly to the first, second and third Macau. If the lengths are the same it registers as red, if they are different they register as blue. So in the case of a new column appearing you could be looking at the new P or B, the basis, then the first, second and third columns to the left of the basis. This contributes to why four columns are needed before the legend fills up.

This technical sequence will always give you three reds and three blues in the Macau legend. When you see five, six or seven plus blues or reds in a row be cognizant that in those cases Macau got the last five, six or seven plus outcomes correct. Also remember that you can exploit the same betting patterns that you use on the main board, it is just a different way of looking at the main board.

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