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Anyone has some Shoes I can play?

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3 minutes ago, XDotNet said:

Team... Keith has said that SFP has an problem and they can't add new users at this time. @rious is new so he wasn't added before the problem started.

In the mean time @rious attached are 50 shoes from 5 dimes...maybe 6 months old. I collected them myself so i'm not sharing SFP shoes. If/when you need more, just let me know.



Oops didn't notice this is the public side.....  @rious  consider the above 50 shoes from my personal collection as a gift and incentive to join the forum as a paying member where you will receive access to Stats For Profits. As @trillion :) said contains 1000's of shoes you can practice play and analyze with many different bet selection methods. 

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If you don't mind using computer generated shoes, Wizard of Odds has simulations. Go here and scroll down the page until you see "Simulations":



Personally, searched and started with these. But....

I realize they are "generated" so I used them for learning "mechanics" and don't base my results on them. Sitting at a table and wagering my own "real" money is what should be used to gauge your actual results. There is no substitute for actual play

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