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Today, McVince was here in LV, and we recorded a ( approximately) 1-hour discussion about how to play, and win, @Baccarat

Nothing scripted.

Nothing pre-planned.

Heck, we even played together, and had breakfast together , beforehand...

Whence the Bacccarat lightbulb went on....

Ancient Chinese proverb...

          -Give a Man a fish, feed him for a day.

          -Teach a Man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

( precisely what those MasterClasses are all about)

Keith was in on it, and thinking he might even Utube it.

No fancy graphics. No gimmicks. 

Just two of us bantering back-and-forth about how-to-win @Baccarat.

Plenty of references to the MasterClasses.

Hey...I am not much of a fisherman...but the thought came to mind perhaps that analogy would help you to grasp just how beneficial listening once again...or maybe 2-3times?  —- to the Master Classes would help you permanently join the Baccarat Winners Circle

( Maybe I am dreaming?) 


pretty much sure, NOT dreaming...


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Thanks, Keith

I think you just set the bar a bit higher... hoping ( always) to benefit ALL


( Now THAT is how to truly join The Winners Circle)


 Always placing the needs of others above your own ....

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Guys thanks for pod cast, great topics and invaluable information... The time and effort you guys give for free is just unbelievable!

Think about it for a moment, these guys are playing in Vagas and still take time out to help us lot.

what can I say but Thank you so much!


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Gotta’ give all the credit to McVince, and Keith . Just like he said, originally Keith was coming out that day to discuss/document  “A DayInTheLife” of playing the tables here...

McV, being McV offered up to come out and participate...Unfortunately, Keith unable to make it, so...

Vince and I talk , he creates a simple PowerPoint of Baccarat topics, and even knowing Keith not able to participate, the two of them arrange for the “ podcast” to help others by circling-back to not only a few simple concepts, but a few “ tips” as to how to actually WIN at this game.

really, this is how we learn from each other how to utilize PLAYING + MONEY MANAGEMENT methodologies to continually WIN ...

( Priceless)



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