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Vegas Play Session March 23rd

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Hoping to see a BIGbunch of you at THECrawl.

There is so much to make the trip worthwhile...thinking nobody has ever left a crawl NOT having learned some very important lessons , most of important of which is:

                   PRECISELY  h.o.w. to beat Baccarat session-by-session, day-by-day, week-by-week, etc.long term...

               ( actual playing together/ observation will accelerate your ‘BAC learning curve by @least 300%’ .... way worth it.)


        Naturally, anyone relatively new to the game spends hundreds of hours learning, practicing, becoming frustrated, ‘ lost’ and, likely, ready to ‘ give up’ (OR, BANKRUPT!)....it’s is what we must all go through to emerge a consistent winner on the other side- all of which will cost you way more than the price of a short weekend-Vegas trip!!!!


Come...Experience THECrawl...and learn...@Baccarat


The Good,

The Bad,

and The Ugly              

                                                            ( yes, you will observe and come to understand all 3...)


Since Keith has asked me about a 5D MasterClass, as an added bonus (sounds like a late night infomercial?) , I will teach  all CRAWL participants the 5th grade math behind “5D”. And I will give you the preprinted scorecard  I use....casino-ready.....( you are going to be very surprised just how simple the truth is...)


Finally, Saturday night, ‘ guess who’s coming to dinner’ out in the  ‘burbs of Sin City .... chez Achatz.

          (  Y.O.U. )




FYI, until he reads this, Keith has/had no idea I was going to do any of this.

                                                     (But anybody willing to travel this far to learn, its the least I can do...)


I hope to meet some of you @ THECrawl, and get re-acquainted with others of you whom I have met before...







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  • Baccarat Hall of Fame Member

If nothing works...change the date?

March is the beginning of “REALLY BUSY IN VEGAS” time

March Madness, Spring Break, WINTER is finally fu**** O.V.E.R.!, etc, etc...

If you having trouble with tix, everyone will be same...

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