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What does every golfer wish for?

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A HOLE-IN-ONE . The Palms , Littlefield AZ , par 3 , 217 yds. on the card , but the pin was up to 190, according to the range finder . 

Admittedly, a terrible golfer ( even worse than my Baccarat capabilities ! )

Thankfully ... the odds are usually better @ BAC

       😈Perhaps fittingly, it was GroundHog Day ... since I used my Driver to “ shape  a shot”, and was just trying to avoid all those big holes filled with sand surrounding the green, front and back...last 30 yards of carry  looked like a slow roller ground-ball got past the shortstop and second baseman, and a worm-burner for sure

                      ( good thing the flag was in!  😎 )


Alas ... cost me over $200 buying drinks in the clubhouse grill afterwards....Yikes ! What’s up with that ??


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9 hours ago, kachatz1 said:

Alas ... cost me over $200 buying drinks in the clubhouse grill afterwards....Yikes ! What’s up with that ??

Unwritten rule, you just hope it's a slow day when/if you get one.

The odds are enormous. I played amateur golf pretty seriously for a good 25 years, maybe 50 to 100 rounds per year and only had 1 hole in 1! I got lone hole in 1 while playing in a high school golf tournament in 1986 so I didn't have to buy drinks. The funny thing was it was a terrible shot! I bladed a 9 iron about head high that was going to go over the green into a forest. The ball hit the bank of a sand trap, killed the momentum, hopped up on the green, took the break and went in!  But, i've hit 100's of good shots that danced all over the hole, stayed on the lip of the cup, hit the flag and bounced away..none of them fell for the ace.

Aces are just cosmic.

I had a golfin' buddy I used to play with who aced the same hole at his home club 3 times.... never any other hole or location. Just that one hole. Lots of mysteries in the world.


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Yup. Thinking I got it figured out...we were staying out in Mesquite , NV @ a casino/ resort .... no Baccarat

Golf course starts and finishes in AZ, but on state line...so in Nevada a few times as well during the round...

                 (I've seen my “casino shadow” so many times, it had to be all about GroundHog Day...) 

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