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BTC Returnee Hits It Out Of The Park!!!

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Disclaimer:  Title may be a slight exaggeration, but I wanted to catch the attention of as many members of this forum as possible to express my gratitude and report in now that I am back to live play in the casinos.

 I experienced so many emotions as I worked through my first live shoe.  It was the touch style of baccarat, so it gave me time to think through all the principles I've learned here and "justify" every bet I made.   I still have the first-game jitters (I'm imagine you pros have never experienced that), but I kept it together enough to make it through the shoe.   But and however - LOL - my playing has improved greatly.  I have to give a shout out to Keith, Kevin, Jimmy Baccarat, and all the stellar leaders and contributors to this forum.  I have set a personal target and I am committed to mastering this game.  I'll be playing in Biloxi for the next 2.5 days, and 3 days a week until I reach some goals I have set. 

Combing through the treads, monitoring updates, watching videos, participating  --  well, listening in on live play sessions  -- and personal responses and conversations with Keith and Kevin have all combined to get my act together - LOL --  Oh, and I'm at No. 52 out of the 100 shoe challenge.

So for a member who left the forum and returned , I must say I am very excited about my re-entry into baccarat play.   

I made 14 units on my first shoe -- I'll take it.  And I stopped before the shoe was done because I was tired after driving four hours to get to Biloxi, waiting for an hour for the pit boss to open a new table just for me, and then play 54 hands in 2.5 hours.  I could hear all of the forum saying, "The casino's always open. Stop when you're tired.  Take your winnings.  Live to fight tomorrow or another day."

Much gratitude and respect to this forum!!!

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Now ....that is Elegant.

(or, Elegant 1)

So keep on keeping on.

Grind out those wins.  
                  - Even you have to “ sit-on-your-hands” until they feel numb...

                                       - What at first hurts, feels way better you start winning more than you lose.

Best of luck to you, and to everyone talking their time to read this.

                And...more importantly, putting it into practice....

                          (very few will do it. But even fewer will regret it...)

hurts so good.   
(You’ll get used to it, you give it a chance)


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Thanks,  Kevin.  I can't tell you how many times I've put in play the things you've taught, advised, and even admonished those of us striving to attain skilled and profitable play consistently.    I will report in after this weekend with a better analysis of my first round of baccarat play.  

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Hello, Elegant 1 !   I'm also a returning member (took a 2 year break)  Doing VERY well now using all that I learned here.  One of the first things I learned (from Avion) was that I had no chance of wining more than I lost if I tried to bet every hand.  So I'm wondering --  I play at the Beau in Biloxi, also.   When they opened a table "just for you",  how did you get around having to bet every hand?  Especially when the Beau will only give you 5 free hands per shoe maximum?   Maybe you're one of the very few who can bet every hand and still come out ahead.  I never could!   Other than receiving so few free hands, I like the Beau.  I play there about once a month for 3 day stays each visit.  It's about an 8 hour drive from my home, so I come in on their flights from Daytona Beach, FL.  The rest of each month I'm at the Hard Rock in Tampa for one or two night stays,  2 or 3 times a month.  Really appreciate your input!   

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misspelled "Avion". Sorry!
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Over the years, especially in smaller casinos, Or those with just a few tables, I have encountered this obstacle...

I know it doesn’t work every shoe, every hand, or whatever...but if you find yourself at a casino where they just won’t give you many free hands, AND you are playing by yourself , ( NICELY, and PATIENTLY) explain to the dealer and the floor manager that you understand their policies, so that in order to adhere To their ‘ rules’, you are going to be taking what is plainly visible on the tote board, and put it through an extensive series of testing before betting any given hand.

Since they are giving you free pen+paper to write things down on, explain you will keep three scorecards..(.using any methodology you understand....with each scorecard a different way of looking at the game...and bet accordingly ) 

          - Like #1 is Naturals, #2 is Disparities, #3 is SAP , or perhaps V87 (use your imagination!) 

I guarantee you 100% they will ask you what you are doing, and if you ( NICELY, and PATIENTLY) explain you are just “ recording” all the information on their tote board, albeit in a different fashion, carefully keeping track of the game so as to accommodate and abide by their own set of rules, you won’t be banned...you won’t be kicked out, or anything like that.

But what you will gain is the benefit of taking all the time you need to make table-minimum bets , the likely result of which you will more than likely WIN, or even just stay in a narrow range between your stop win and stop loss parameter since you are not rushed between bets...thereby making the best decision(s) you can.

It won’t take long.

Before you know it, a few more players will likely show up, and they will be the ones who will keep the game moving at a more normal pace...from which point you can either speed up your ‘ analysis ‘, and keep pace with them...or, just FTWP (Follow the winning player) 

I know it’s a pain to put on a show like this, but it is actually entertaining as it won’t be long before you will have an ‘ audience ‘ of casino personnel who will be intrigued by your patience and willingness to explain the various things necessary to actually win more bets than you lose....most of whom will be intrigued by your thoughtful approach(es) to the game, or will have no friggin’ idea what you are talking about.

 ( NOT ONLY THAT, BUT YOU CAN ‘  chat them up’ about their families, etc, etc...and that will definitely get them rooting for you to win...) 

You can always prepare in advance at home ....Take a shoe from SBI, from which you already know the sequence of outcomes....Record it 3 different ways, and sharpen your P/ B ( Plenty of Bullshit) “ talking points” about how to chose winning hands...

     - Take those 3 cards with you to the casino, and keep referring back and forth to them as you play an actual game...as if you are using historical data to make current decisions ...

Next visit to the casino you will be amazed at the reception you get... nobody will care how long you take between hands, but they will be intrigued / amazed by your approach...😇

And most important, you will likely come out a winner...by just slowing down, and taking all the time you need to figure out what the shoe is giving you.......and if still not winning?

             - Ask for a NEW SHOE...they will more than likely accommodate you because you are trying so darn hard to win!! ( and beat them at their own game...because a different shoe can easily throw the advantage in your favor...)

Sneaky Bast __d!


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7 hours ago, miclus83 said:

Hi Barneypip,

You can bet the same amount of chips on both Banker and Player.

MiClus83 -  True.  And I will do that if necessary,  to play.  I'm not exactly a "happy camper" in that situation tho......extra commissions on losing bank bets can add up quickly.  If I'm forced to play that way too much, I'll just use the money I WAS going to leave as a tip, and pay those extra commissions with it!   Touche'  !!

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