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You don't HAVE to play.

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Hey all, I thought I'd share my day with y'all as a reminder you don't HAVE to play and sometimes it's good not to.

I had a 10:30am Dr's appt in Louisville KY (about 2 hours from my house) so I had to take a day off of work. Caesars South near Louisville is a very nice casino with baccarat. It's rare for me to have an opportunity to play at a "real" casino so yesterday I planned to visit the Dr. then head over for some "real" play. Hit the bank for cash yesterday and had my bank roll ready and everything. I was ready to go and excited.

Well...that was the plan yesterday around supper time......

Then.... I couldn't sleep. Only got about 2 hours sleep before the early morning 2 hour drive over. I got started late so I was rushing over, no time for breakfast, forgot phone charger, traffic was heavy etc.... Made it to the doctors just in time, rushed to fill out paperwork and the visit was stressful. For those concerned, my health is ok, I'm just starting to lose hearing in my left ear so a specialist is needed.

Got out of the doctors and went to my truck..... and just sat there like a zombie for 30 minutes and just spaced out/relaxed. The lack of sleep hit me and I felt drained. Still, I don't get the chance to play at real casinos that much so I very much wanted to go play. 


As I was driving over to the casino, my wife calls and says she will get off work early, she and my daughter were happy about that and wanted to do something fun when I got home!


While talking to her I thought.....   WTF am I doing .... listen to yourself, listen to the universe. I was in no shape to play.  So I changed my plan and went home to have a nice afternoon with the family.

While it stunk that I missed my one chance probably in the next 2-3 months to play a real casino, and there is no way to know how I would have done, might have caught a nice easy strong side shoe........ I was in no shape to play baccarat. Chances were good I wouldn't have won. Chances are I'd have been playing tired and frustrated....that is NEVER good.


Baccarat is about systems, statistics etc... but self management is a must too. If the universe is telling you to go home... LISTEN LOL :biggrin:


You all have a great day/evening, I'm going to have some awesome home cooked Thai food (my wife is Thai) and get some early shut eye.


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If YOUR universe is telling you to go home, and you feel like you are not of a mind to play?

                           BY ALL MEANS, WAIT FOR BETTER CIRCUMSTANCES !!

(Best thing is, one of these days, at some point in time,  each and every one of you will thank XDN for his honesty…)

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Good story XDN, and one most of us can relate to. The casinos are always going to be there, and they are building more of them.  The right 'Mindset' is a must when you are putting your hard earned on the table. It all could have gone well mate, or it could have hit the fan because you were thinking about other things. 

Good story XDN.


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