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hey guys,

I've decided on a long-term goal.

I'd like to earn enough from baccarat to join you guys on one of your trips. Since I'm in Australia that means a long expensive plane ride.

I am a recent graduate and instead of getting a full time job like some normal person I'm opening a niche website and writing a not for profit book. What a story it will be when I, someone with such a small income, makes a trip halfway round the world to win a baccarat trip!

The biggest Street Fighter tournament in the world, evolution, is held in Las Vegas every year. Fighting video games are my passion and it's my dream to go to this tournament. After I achieve my dream I'd love to meet you guys and top off the dream with some baccarat winnings.

I don't play baccarat to have some fun, I play to win and winning is where I derive my pleasure, it doesn't matter what game it is, winning makes me smile :)

My blackorchid account just keeps rising :)


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