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Pure S40 game applied to Baccarat game at the Borgata Casino, AC April, 2012

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Hi Ellis and participants/viewer on this board.

Once I got the NOR system, it took me about a few days to understand the S40, F2,F3 and SAP approach.

Practicing 16 hours a day x 6 days a week at home has been the key for progressing with the NOR system. . I made a decision that for now I'll adopt system-S40 which is a perfect approach for a choppy shoe. Down the road I'll learn to navigate/switch during the game based on the O/R to the F2, F3 and use SAP as well.

The key is I trained myself to wait while an F2,F3 activities are taking place. I also wait the proper signal, very conservative. So the key is to wait patiently and be discipline. Also I ignored other players action(s) and the noise/excitement on the table. Why? Because as the table resumed its choppiness the heavy betters loss almost their entire bankroll and the table was quite...

Here is what took place on this table. $60 minimum bet. No commission/dragon table.I ignored the ties and the dragon bets. Purchased $600. Each unit had a value of $20 so the minimum bet is 3 units.

Using the Money management, I didn't choose the 1,2 or U1D2M2. I stayed with flat bet. My bankroll was small relative to the minimum bet requirements ($60). Also we had only 3 tables open. Not many players were found in the Baccarat area.

I attached my activity at the Borgata table (PDF format).

After making $300 at the Borgata I went to gamble across at the Harrah's Casino. Same system S40 flat bets and made 10 units time $25 total $250.00. Yes the minimum table was $25. Thereafter, I took the Jitney to the Trump Plaza. Made +23 units in 3 games. Minimum bet was $20. Total; of $460.

Total winnings for this 24 hours trip was $1,010.

Not to be greedy but if I knew how to navigate from and to F2, F3 and use SAP, my winning probably would off been at least $3,000 to $5000. But time will tell.

John, New York City.


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Nice victory at the Borgata...only 45 hands, and you exit with a nice profit..Good patience as well, especially in light of having to minimum bet 10% of your bankroll as well...sounds like you had a great evening all around!

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