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Newbie - just wanted to say hi and thanks!

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Hi Everyone,

Just a bit off topic, and may be I missed the right place to put it, but just wanted to say "hi" to everyone and introduce myself (before I start posting and asking questions).

I live in Calgary, Canada - it's pretty decent in terms of access to Casinos - there are 7 within city limits, and another 1 or 2 about an hour away.

All Casino's have upgraded tables to EZBac with tote boards - some play hand-held, some strictly dealer-only. Most use the shuffle machines, and one or two still shuffle by hand. At the hand-held tables, I am told all cards are destroyed after play - so it is a fresh deck for every shoe.

Not sure how lively Bac is in other places - but yeah, it can get crazy here, especially with all the Asians that like to bet on Dragon 7 - and when it hits, watch out! I have read some posts of people and the topic about the Dragon(bet) wins, and I too find I am struggling to account for it when I have a bet on Banker; but still I am winning more shoes than not anyways.

If you live in or around Calgary and use NOR/NOR+ and wanna hookup to chat about Bac or try and hit up a Casino together - please PM me (although I'm only available during the weekdays).

Thank yous:

I obviously wanted to thank Ellis for writing the awesome NOR manual and for providing the amazing support on this forum for the people who have purchased it. So far, it's the best online purchase I have made in many years.

I've only had the manual/forum access for a month+ and have read/learned a lot. The most important asset I have found is Ellis' infinite patience and his instant willingness to share his insights/experiences.

Also - thanks to Keith for making the forum run and work - I'm sure it's more than a full-time job, especially when something on the forum breaks.

I also wanted to thank all the amazing regulars who contribute to the discussions on the forum, such as: MVSeahog, Papajoe, OZ, Witchygal, ztomsk, NormA, way2fast - and sorry, I know I'm missing a few more. Without your discussions and insights I would be lost and probably would have posted hundreds of questions already.

As for the noobs/newbies who are starting off (like me); I think the best advice I can give is: read all you can, and then re-read it again!

If you have questions, try see if they've been answered already. You'll be glad to know, most questions on Basic NOR play have already been answered long before you bought the manual. You don't know what you'll miss by being lazy and asking a question that's already been answered! Many times I find my answer just searching through old threads and posts; but in the process, I also end up reading/finding some posts on other concepts and subtleties about play that isn't in the manual or might have been long forgotten.

Really, the regulars who post here are some of the most insightful and helpful I've seen (on any knowledgebase or forum), and learning from their experiences has been tremendous help. That is probably the only reason why this is my first post!

Anyways - thanks again Ellis et al! (I can't say it enough)



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Welcome young fella...I'm betting that you will do real well.

The regulars on here are just so damn helpful...I've not experienced anything like this on any other Forum.

They are all good people...and I'm sure that you are too.

Again...Welcome to the BTC family.


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