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How would you play this shoe in OTB, S40, & F

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Here is what I would like to know.

1. I know that it would be best to play this in F, but I want to learn the modes in s40m2 at the beginning of the shoe and other parts. If I do it incorrectly, I can lose a lot of bets after the one I hit on the 3 bet for long runs.

2. Also for otb the mode changes and i could lose a lot of bets.

3. For F this would be killer, but for modes it changes and if your on the wrong side, it can be a disaster.

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Another question better asked in the Private Forum


Very true. I believe Kilieu probably just jumped in to the "Baccarat" section instead of the private area, however the post does demonstrate to others who may not be members yet, just what it is we're talking about on the "inside".

With that said, we'll just leave this short thread up and close it for now. Kilieu can repost in the Private area when he gets a chance or better yet, I'll just move the original question to the correct area!


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