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The Net Betting Answer

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I looked back at various threads and posts on NET BETTING , and I was wondering if you could post an update as to how to properly NET BET, when and how to apply it, and perhaps when not to....especially in the context of 4D, the concept of least/ highest disparity, how it may/ may not relate to NOR, etc.

Kind of like NET BETTING 101

I think this will get us all on the same page.

Thanks and regards,


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Thanks for your response

Since I know you have NOR members all over the world, what with diff time zones, diff levels of understanding and play-time experience NOR, and all likely hard to squeeze a real solid understanding of how to apply NET BETTING to 4 D into the seminar

Just asking a question...Ellis has espoused a periodically on the benefits of NET BETTING, and now has chosen to pursue a discussion format to gather/ exchange ideas among NOR members how best to approach 4D

We have all given freely of our time and energy to explore this

Went to register and says I have to pony up another $99 ???

It's not the money, its the principle of Ellis saying NOR members are " grandfathered in" on 4 D formulation/ discussions w/ o additional payments

I think I speak for most, if not all, NOR players...

If Net Betting is a foundation for successful 4d play, are we in or not?

If not, let's STOP the penny ante stuff and just charge EVERYONE the same $5,000.

If we are " grandfathered in", and you want a discussion/ exchange of ideas/ experiences/ concepts/ methods/applications and innovative stuff like Peters spreadsheet, let's stop the penny ante stuff as well and get on with it.

Been thru this with Baccarat Forums ( defunct!) and Gamblers Glen ( worthless drivel !)

Hope we don't end up the same place....( unintended Consequences?!?, but consequential nonetheless...)

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This ia a "NOR Basics Webinar" for the newer members who need a leg up learning basic NOR. I get PMs and posts on Basic NOR on a daily basis. Members must learn NOR first before attempting 4D. The 4D Seminar is in Vegas in Feb.

We don't use net betting for basic NOR. We use the 123 4 prog for basic NOR and U1D2 for NOR+.

We use net betting for the lowest 4D count only after first learning NOR.

If a review of net betting is needed for 4D students we can devote a page to it in the 4D forum. That is what that forum is for. Although I don't know what more I can say about it. I've already posted sample columns. I got no questions on those columns whatsoever.

I don't mind doing sales Webinars for free and I don't mind writing the forum for free.

But I'm not going to do training seminars or webinars for free. I have been charging for them for 30 years.

The forum must make money or there will be no forum.

The Singapore Bac school charges $7000 for one 3 hour seminar. Others charge about the same. I always charged $400 per person per day. But $400 in the '90s is more like $4000 today.

Baccarat Forums and Gamblers Glen are defunct for one reason and one reason only: They had no way to make money because they had no teacher.

We don't want to make the same mistake.

Kevin, all of this is self evident and has been for 30 years.

Edited by Keith Smith
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Ellis and Keith

Thanks for your prompt responses.

The NET BETTING information is not for me, it is just to make sure all 4D participants are "on the same page"

I know how to do it, I know where to find it in the archived threads...

Just commented for the benefit of other NOR members perhaps not as well versed, and am sure you can handle from here.

In the meantime, might want to take Ellis' travel itinerary off the web.... We cannot afford some sinister Casino mogul ordering a plane hijacking on a cold wintry day in February...

Ellis is too valuable, Wesley Snipes has resigned his honorary Federal Marshall Service position and Bruce Willis already committed to alternative sequel plot in Die Hard series....

I suppose worst case those who have not met Ellis would buy into a John Malkovich stand-in scenario, but not sure he is into Baccarat.

Hmmmmmm....Quentin Tarantino could have a field day with this ......

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Ha, now that is my Kevin!

Since this thread is already entitled Net Betting maybe this is a good thread for a net betting review. No, on second thought, it needs to be in the 4D forum so as not to confuse Nor players. I'll put it in the same thread I posted those sample cols in so I can use them as examples.

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Keith smith, I have two questions : first how do I access thw 4D portion of blogs. Plus I have been a Nor meber for Three years and I understand that the peice for the Las Vegas 4D seminar is $400 to $600 dollars? If that is so, how to I acess a page that will alllow me to purchase the seminar at the Member price since I Am member?

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Ellis: I've been wondering about another possibility for Net Betting. Since OTB4L and SB40M1 appear to be two modes of play which essentially cover every possibility in terms of a shoe. . . [one loves TTs the other hates them], could you Net Bet these two systems down a shoe? Would such make sense? I tried it one a difficult shoe to check out the idea and it worked for that. But as a larger question, is this an idea that makes sense to you? Thanks, Greg

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