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Why the +5 strategy can work (and it might be even better to go to +1)

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Dear All

I was reading the 30,000 in 30 day and I to be honest I am extremely happy that finally logic is taking over emotions.

No doubt that +10's, +20's and so on are possible but when talking about sustainable winning strategy aiming for +5 (or even better +1) could be the best approach.

In my very first emails to Ellis I wrote I would be more than happy if I could get +5 units in a shoe. I know you might say that any/all of the systems in this forum can give you +5 units easily but CONSISTANTLY winning 5 units would be the key to a lifetime weatlh. I just hope we stopped the MILLION DOLLAR motto. It is absolutely possible but only through initial smaller wins.

Unfortunately a lot of us are way too greedy. +5 units can range from 50 dollars to 25000 dollars a day (depending on your unit size.) lets go with a more logical unit size of 50. that's 250 dollars a day. times that by 30 and you get 7000 a month.

In all honesty I don't know how many of you earn 7000 a month? for 12 hour shifts in the scorching 50 degree celsius sun of Pilbara (a mining region in Western Australia I earn less than that. I am thinking once I learn the strategies scanning the tables to find the right shoes and then playing the right shoes to get +5 units shouldn't take more than 5 hours. compare that to 8-12 hour work days that you do in a work environment to earn a salary).

Yes, I understand there might be members here who earn 1/2 million or even more in their day to day jobs but I am talking about Majority of us who are here on this forum.

I don't know about US but in Australia things don't look good at all. Mining has crashed and more and more mining companies are going broke. Major car manufacturers are closing down one after another, farming is being hithard by drought and cheap ORIENTAL imports and manufacturing has taken a hit aswell. So when I say 7000 a month for a lot of OZ's its a large sum.

Also how much education/Training have you had (and how much money have you spent) to earn what you are earning now???

Basically to see how powerfull it can be to be able to achieve +5 units a day divide your NET monthly salary by 150 and you will have your unit size. Now imagine being able to earn that in less than half a day (even after work hours) where ever in the world you are (as long as you have access to B&M casino).

If you want more than all you have to do is to up your unit size as you progress along.

I really hope Ellis and the rest of the team start to work on the +5 Unit System (without needing to mention Million dollar thread or things like that). A simplified method to earn 5 units and leave the casino. a way that can get begginers like me up and running with minimal financial risk. (there are alwys risk associated with any casino game.)

Ellis, as an experienced proffessional player you know a lot better than anyone that less exposure to a table and the casino can be the key to winning consistantly so on behalf of all begginers on this website I would be grateful if you could kindly allocate more of your time on the +5 unit thread with clear simplified instructions.

We are eagerly waiting for the +5 Unit thread.

Sincerely Yours


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Here's a spreadsheet which I've modified from my Trading Simulation to show the potential of thinking of your gains in terms of Percentages... i.e. Starting with 500 Capital and Winning at least 1% per Game (i.e. starting with 5 minimum live tables aiming to win +1)... enter values in the black boxes ;-)


Calculations example strategy: if you have say capital of $1000 and want to win 1% every game then that would be $10, you could play a $10 min table and aim to win +1 or $5 min table and win +2.

Now if you've accumulated up to $5000 using this strategy, 1% = $50, you can play either $50 min table down to $5 (+1 x50, +2 x25,+5 x10, +10 x5 or any combination you feel comfortable with), which is much easier to win with right BTC System?

This is a more conservative approach to aiming for +10, +20, ..., +40 Units depending on the betting progression used...

At the end of the day, it's all about risk management and sticking with a system that works and allows you to win consistently... when dealing with percentages, you don't have to worry much about the amount, when the amount gets too big you may want to consider trading ;-)


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I was in Vegas 3 times last month. Two 3 day weekends and a 5 day trip. I can back winning each time, however each trip had the same issues. Somewhere in the trip I deviated and lost a pile. On my last day of my last trip one of the dealers actually had a chat with me. She has noticed my play and pointed out exactly when and why I'm losing. She was spot on. I intend on going back again later this month. The key for my last 3 trips is to limit the time at the tables, play every other day or just a little bit per day. And use the +5 system.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.  Figure out a way to win at baccarat that fits your lifestyle, you don't have to eat fish anymore!

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