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Ok...I read the manual and want to test out the system but did not fully understand the manual..

The thing is you need to go live to actually play the game out just like reading a driving theory book would not make you a driver behind the wheels :)

What advice would you give for me for not losing 50% for not fully understanding it?

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Like a few others have already said. If you want to test out your speed and style of play, open an online account where you can actually play and start there with the play money on the LIVE dealer tables only.

Do NOT practice using the RNG or computer games.

Yes it will be slow. Yes, it may become boring but more importantly, PLAY IT FOR REAL.

There is no sense in testing "live" and making outrageous wagers in practice that you would never make in real life.

See if you can beat the shoe. The amount of money to wager will be the amount you will play for real when you hit the casino. Make your practice time REALLY count.

What you'll be looking to gain is how your "flow" of the game goes and can you do all the calculations and manipulation required for the method you're playing.

Once again, practice it just like you'll play it. Don't cheat yourself and run a Martingale out to 12 places just because they may allow it online.

Practice for real, every time. It is important!

I believe Black Orchid has been mentioned. That's a good one with a nice studio interface. Several other online casinos use their studio rebranded for themselves. As you search and find good LIVE studio baccarat sites, you'll soon find that they all eventually use about the same three or four "major" studios for their games. The exception is DublinBet which uses its own live casino feed.

Keep your scorecards and keep your records. This is real practice and those are real shoes. Very valuable, especially to review and for reference later on.


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