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My Parx Trip With Shoe Posting

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Hi guys heres my play today at Parx Casino in Bensalem Pennsylvania i played 2 shoes walked out +12 units total i know im supposed to run at +5 but i want to recover my commissions ..here are the 2 shoes i used S40M3 for both was in at 345 out at 410 for a tidy profit. This makes up for my -10 debacle Thursday night at Parx when i played with Quizzical1 and McVince we went up +3 in 4 hands then couldnt pick a winner very frustrating i hope this helps the new people. i will try my best to post all my shoes so we can see how its played....its not always this easy guys but at +5/+6 hit and run is the best strategy any questions please ask....in this Casino its next to impossible to bet a seat at a $25 mini bacc table but there are always an open seat or 2 at the $50 Table keep studying and also practice online i use Dublin Bet and Black Orchid Casino both with live dealers i do atleast 6 shoes a day practice...were talking about practice not a game ...not a game ..practice!!! lol Philly reference!! as you can see from the 2 shoes posted it was hit and run +6 +6 dont care what the next hand was i get up and find another table....hope this helps....Mike


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Nice Job, Mike!!

At my local casino I intend to do this strategie, because i t is easy and fast to get, and will keep me under the radar. I was practicing at min table a few days ago, I jumped in a F3 table ,easy to kill, I was on 2-3-4 prog and reaching 20 when I realized I emptied the table, Just 1 guy was following me . At the end of shoe the dealer gave me a crook eye. I do not want that kind of attention, I think if I just keep milking them softly, jumping tables at+5 nobody will notice my winnings . For casinos far from home I will need to master killing strategies, and go for it when I got a chance of a very easy shoe to beat.

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Could someone please include step by step instructions for downloading a bac shoe from a casino.I'm not %100 sure on how to it,I'm having problems.thanks ruebel


I'll assume you mean how to upload a bac shoe that you've played.

First off, scan the play card to your computer. If you don't have a scanner, forget the rest or mail it to friend who does have one.

Once you have the scanned file, upload it to whatever photo hosting site you use. (SmugMug, Google, Webhost, etc).

Or, upload it to your personal area here.

When composing a new message to describe the play on the card, insert the file from either your own personal area on the forum or insert the graphic as a link to your photo being held off site at one of the previously mentioned style of hosting.

If you'll look at the icons on the top of the composing page, you'll see one that says "Insert Image". That's the one you want.

Inserting photos into forum messages throws a lot of people the first time they try it as the whole process is kind of new, but after a few, it becomes very fast and easy.

Personally, I prefer the "off site" hosting option as it's usually free and you can post the same photo to any number of sites.

This particular graphic is held "off site" and is merely linked to this spot.



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