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Maybe it's this simple. Maybe Not.

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Looking back over a few ( hundred) recently played cards, this thought came to mind:

" Why Not Just Net-Bet The Frequency Of Events" ?

I know...

Table-Shuffled vs. Factory Pre-Shuffled cards ( just what is " normal ", anymore ??)

" the problems with Net Betting" ( digging a whole deeper than you can crawl out of...)

Why do this?



its not NOR, it's not MDB.

And what of " net betting" in general? 

A few things I do know. 

1) Maybe this is a worthwhile endeavor. Maybe Not. 

----- But now we have computer loaded shoes, could it be " tested" against those?

2) If you genuinely believe the Auto Shuffler can put the cards in any order it's programmed for, does it really matter table-shuffled ( normal boxed-card order, 8 decks) vs. factory-preshuffled?

3) How to overcome the runs? ( And I am not talking about Pepto Bismol...) 

----- Perhaps there has to be some " rule" or " guideline" established to eliminate the risk-of-ruin for sequential long runs on one side (P/B), when the other side is " acting normal" ...or maybe not?

4) Why do this? 

----- well, if you really believe you are still " overall" being dealt a sequence of fair games, where the normal " frequency of events" still exists ( 1IAR =50%, 2 IAR = 25%, 3 IAR = 12.5%, etc over a long series of events...), A.N.D. You Really Believe " Net Betting" Is An Answer, why not?

5) As to "TheHow", Wondering what you think...


Might be be too much trouble. 

Might be too much work " keeping track"

Might be no better than everything else we have at our disposal to make sure we consistently BTC...


Just a thought...( sorry haven't posted much lately...too busy winning with 5D, and everything else I've learned here!!)

Hope you are all doing FANTASTIC!

2016 The Year of The Monkey...( how often have you asked for that????)







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So Kevin how would you NetBet normal frequency of occurrence events. It sounds interesting but I woildnt know where to begin. 

I would love a companion system to play with MDB. I've been averaging 2 units per shoe with my conservative play. The hardest part is staying focused on the shoe while waiting for triggers. I haven't had much time to allocate to playing live shoes at the casino lately. I have only been able to play 1 one shoe per visit. 

I I look forward to hearing more about your idea.


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Hi guys happy 2016

7 days of testing while on holiday in Bali Indonesia has emphasized the strength of Mathematical Occurrence Of Events for me (1,2,3,4+)

Would be interested in exploring this and will post anything I think of.

What about a name for starters:


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