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I've been reading the forum and are considering signing up the subscription.

But there are a few things I need to clarify:

In where I live, there are only big casinos with a lot of tables (30/40+), but they only use pre-shuffled cards (all new cards) rolled-out to the tables. The dealer simply store them under the table and load them into the dealing machine when starting a new shoe. So each shoe is usually different from the last.

From my observation, there seems to be all types of shoes being played out: long streaks, long opposites, player/banker bias, short streaks, short opposites, 2s, 3s, 4s...etc. Mostly its a mixture of several types. So its really difficult to determine what system to use on a new shoe. And even if you spot an on-going shoe with a clear trend, it often expire by the time you notices. Then again, I've also seen streaks so long its unbelievable: 17 player hands, halted by a single banker, then went on for 17 more players. (holy cow!)

I need to know if the systems here (NOR, MDB, etc.) can work on such shoes that seem to produce any kind of bias/non-bias imaginable. 

I managed to learn what I can on the internet about NOR, through the free videos posted on youtube, other forums, etc. I can say NOR works great in a shoe with clear bias, but in a shoe that changes frequently, or with changing culprits, the -ve progression quickly adds up. Even if you limit to 4 or 5u max when losing, your bankroll is still quite -ve and needs a long time to crawl back. I often find myself grinding through a 1-2 hour shoe, only to end up back around zero. And those are the normal shoes. In bad ones I can crash-out in 20 hands.

I'd like to know, If I subscribe, will I learn something to deal with such conditions? Or are there systems (MDB+?) designed specifically to deal with such.

Thank you very much.



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A correction:

Some of the tables (8-10) with lower limits do use a shuffle machine I think - they look different from the dealing machines in other tables. Those are open bet, no touch tables. I think they re-use the cards from previous shoes. I haven't paid much attention to them because they're usually crowded, but the 17+17 streak mentioned above was produced there. 

Maybe it has to do with the shuffling, perhaps I should check them out more come to think of it.



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Preshuffled or hand shuffled whatever they are all hard

Sometimes you get easy shoes but you can never count on it

No matter what type of shoe you play it will either be strongly biased, or have no apparent bias or it will change between the 2

There are ways to win

Sometimes you can make many units, sometimes only a few

NOR can take advantage of biases, MDB+ can find bets when there is no easy bias

Its all discussed in the forum

NOR manual in original form assumes consistent bias whole way through

If you don't see that which I doubt you will nowadays then you need to play short term NOR setups.

Its all discussed in the forum

That's way when the bias changes you also change the way you bet.

What you described about long player run followed by another you can win with a one or 2 unit risk only

If you want something for nothing don't join

If you are looking for the next holy grail system don't join

If you are committed to the game and prepared to put in the hard yards then join.

Its your call.

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Both Resort World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands use pre-shuffled cards

I don't know about Genting in Malaysia or Philippines

There are a lot of posts in the forum about shoes in Singapore indicating that the

shoes there are difficult to play and they are not generally MDB+ shoes

I found that to be true when I played there last year

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In regards to progressions I believe the following is a good description:

A progression is like a credit card - get what you want now and pay it back with interest later

Flat bet with selective 2 bets at the right time either positive or negative is like cash and cash is king

A 2 bet at the right time is enough to get you through a bump in the road and also enough to maximise your wins

The most successful players on this forum as far as I know seldom go past a 2 unit bet.  

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