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A shoe for Heaven

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I thought I would write something a bit lighter today just to convey my own baccarat experience yesterday at SkyCity, Auckland, NZ

I enter the at the normal time of 10am, 8 tables are open, 2@$50 minimum, 2@$100 minimum, and 2@$200 minimum. I select the $50 table with the prettiest dealer, and order a flat white from the waitress. It arrives in no time as they know me, and I get good service. The coffee is very good.

The dealer prepares the shoe, and I cut it. I always cut the shoe in the middle plus 15 cards from the front. Then when that front bundle of cards is moved to the back, and the dealer places the card near the end of the shoe, my cut is at the front of the playable deck. I cant account for the burn which in this case was 10 cards.

I buy in for $1500 (30 units @ $50), $1000 black and $500 green ($25) chips. The game begins.

I had observed the other shoes in play were quiet long as opposed to the day before where the was very little longer than 4IAR

We start with a B3 and then an opposite run of 1121. But then the shoe changes.

Here is the entire shoe;


Its end up being short on 1's (10), a bit short of 2's (6) but had very nice 4's or more although not excessively long. It was the consistency which gave me the confidence.

It was the nice run of hardly any 1's after the bunch at the start that made the shoe so easy, for me anyway. At the least, just playing away from the 1's was rewarding.

I played a 2/3 loop, and made 40 units on the shoe

Most of the shoes I saw while playing this shoe were also long, one started B626161614, talk about strong sided. (It was a $200 table which I am not playing yet).

I wish all days would be that easy

cheers Pando



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