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Switching the bet after a tie

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Hello experts. 

Have you seen the movie 21. For folks who don't know or not seen it's a classic movie of the blackjack card counting invented by MIT students and later took Vegas for millions. Watch it if you have not done so.


There is a mathematic probability game situation in the movie where the students are presented with 3 boxes. The student is allowed to pick 1 box contains which contains gold and you are given only 2 chances to get lucky.


One student (the hero) selects the Box no 1.

The teacher reveals that box no 2 is empty.

He immediately switches his selection to box no 3 as his choice of selection. Because it has a higher possibility. Don't understand why.


I have a nagging question. All the triggers point to Banker  bet in blackjack. 

And then we hit a tie. Should we switch to Player by the above anomaly?

I know we don't care about Ties in BTC.But what would you personally do if you have to with gut instincts. 

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