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Stats for profits app  

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What do you mean buy stats for profits SFP is a part of BEatTheCasino.com.  I can relaunch BTC app if you like from Apple and Android.  Few dl it. Please realize we do not have 1000s of paying members.  What is it you want to download on a mobile device ?  Can you explain a bit and I will do my best?  Isn't it worth it for the information and the web interface and the players,  knowing that we went from selling systems for 1000s of dollars to support system sellers to know literally nothing ?

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On ‎12‎/‎14‎/‎2016 at 2:21 PM, ekotr said:

are these "stats for profits" available now?

statsforprofits.com this site is down

The site is up, but you need to use the link from the top of the BTC page to get there.  The site is configured to not respond if you just type statsforprofits.com in the browser.

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Wedding the link is on the top page of this thread that you are viewing currently.  STATS FOR PROFIT DOWNLOADABLE

Wedding I have tried to click on STATS FOR PROFIT DOWNLOADABLE, This is not working currently.

You may have to send a PM to Keith or Pompano Mike to have this problem fixed.

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