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Feedback Required | Bacarrat Live Score Card

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Hi guys, 

I just created this web app https://bacarrat.herokuapp.com/
during the weekend. 

It is suppose to help me to record and analyse easily during my online play. 

I would like to ask for your feedback. Any opinion how to improve it will be great. 

PS: I'm adding OO/TT into it, still in progress. 


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Add on: How to use?
Numbers: Put in the your bet. 
Arrow left and right
P/B : Which bet win
Delete: Delete one row

Next task: Add OO/TT and add disparity. 

Another questions:
Would this be helpful?
Is it worth my time to develop this tool or already have a live tool for that?

Thanks for time.

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In a real game, we have less than 15sec to record and calculate and make decision. 
It meant to serve as a tool for you to monitor the trend rather than you calculate and keep track the 4D and SAP yourself. 

For the prediction, you have to learn in BTC, no one system will rule all. 
It is best if you can learn and practice each system yourself to cater each trend. 


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Great idea, Nice execution

unfortunately in USA, brick-and-mortar casinos ( not online)..cell phones/computational devices, etc. NOT allowed at the tables

      - not sure of " rules" in other countries,for live table play

But a thought... Might work in certain situations live casinos here in USA....IMPERIAL BACCARAT/ STADIUM BACCARAT might allow in certain instances? 

     - Doubtful, just saying " Maybe"

i do not play online, so can't be much help there...

welcome to the forum!

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