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Discipline & Rules out the window! :(

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So I went and played in Shreveport on Saturday. First baccarat game was at a casino called Sams town. Got up 10 units. Didn't leave the table like I was supposed to after 15 to 20 hands. Also change systems when I wasn't supposed to. Ended up losing my 10 units plus another 10 units of my own money. I pride myself on being very good at discipline. The new surroundings got me though. I did leave the table at -10 but I was supposed to leave at -5. Another rule broken. This is how we learn though. Luckily I was able to make my 10 units back playing blackjack At a casino called Margaritaville,Also made an additional 7 units  playing baccarat, And followed the rules and discipline to a T. Got my confidence back! Out of all the casinos Margaritaville was the nicest in Shreveport! :)

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i have been there too. Discipline is a struggle and often seperates winning and losing and gambler vs serious pro. I struggle with it often. I'm sure other here have too. Once you have a handle on it, you will see better results 

I yell "winner winner chicken dinner on all naturals"

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Amazing how the casinos manage to throw you off a well thought out plan

They are masters of psychology

Keep a pair of blinkers on when you walk in there and do not deviate even if your method loses

As trbfla says above - once you learn how to stick to the plan you will do much better

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I aqree with Brad and Trbfla talking about discipline, if you have a stop loss and stop win and quit betting after reaching your goal. 

Wait until the next shoe and begin playing until you lose 6 units or stop betting after winning 6 units.

You have to attack the tables  and learn to win or lose and have the discipline to walk away from the baccarat tables and casino if things are not going well.

Here is what I do when playing  and struggling, if I lose 10 units, I quit for the day. I walk away and tell myself that they beat me today and wait for my next visit.  

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thanks guys! I am normally on my game when it comes to discipline. It was just a new casino environment that threw me off. lol This is how we learn though. Oh and there was one casino dealer woman she looked possessed. Every time she looked at me the hairs on the back of my neck stood up :o

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Since you are a dedicated player KINO,  you would benefit greatly from joining our Professional Player's Club.  Seems like a modest expense for someone who has so much experience it wold be the best bet you could make.  We would love to have you in the forum with your insights. 

You can tell the winners and honest players by how many times they admit they lost 
not by how many times they say they won.

Need Information Messenger



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