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This is TOO funny...LOL

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Ellis must be running short of money again...LMFAO...It's a shame that every half decent Baccarat Player I know has already tested it and given it the thumbs down, or I might be interested (if I didn't have it already...LOL):)

The term "Snake Oil Salesman" comes to mind...LOL:mad:

Announcing the CFC Table Takedown Celebration Sale!

My single goal in life is to create as many Baccarat winners and millionaires as I possibly can in the time I have left. That is the goal of this short duration sale. Therefore:


1.) The Final word Manual containing the 5 Advanced NOR systems and ANB with played games and play by play explanations.

2.) The MvD Manual with played game and play by play explanations.

3.) Access to the Private Baccarat Support Forums where you can get the answers for any questions you have as well as converse with the other players. Lots of played games And BTW, There is no such thing as a dumb question on my forums.

4.) Access to the  film of the Las Vegas ANB training seminar. The whole thing!

Act now or you will forever wish you had!


If he tosses in a FREE set of Steak Knives...I'm in...LOL:lol:


err...If the film has anything to do with Carlos checking what colour underwear Ellis is wearing...:oI'm out!

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NBJ worked...but not in Aussie Casinos. To my knowledge...all except for the High Roller Rooms are CSMs. I'm not overly keen on practicing with $1K min limits...LOL

Blackjack is dying a slow death in Australia because of this stupidity. Baccarat is becoming more and more the game of choice.

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