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Lets sort this out - Are the cards arranged in Pre-shuffled shoes

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This issue has bothered and confused me for some time

Some say the card manufacturers arrange the cards in some kind of order to beat all of us

Others say the cards are just truly random and the shoe "types" we see are just a function of the random shuffle

What do you think??

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FACT: The shoes that are are Machine Shuffled are different to Hand Shuffled shoes...The same applies to Boxed Cards. 


No big deal...still beatable but be aware that with MS and BC's that the most obvious bet that has everyone going "apeshit"...is likely to be a "WAIT and see" bet.


Also...MS cards seem to be different on the lower limit tables to MS cards on the Higher Limit tables....Go figure...

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Do not know and do not care, Just think it as shorter bias, extra care like You were playing against online casino. If you can avoid it choose another table. I play mostly roulette, single Zero, Closest thing to random, no way of orquestation. Still longer straight and zz runs. Once on the run I stay on until it ends. You must always pick the easiest way to win that you can. I only give up to the casino the house edge, anything else no fu.. way.


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